Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Helped Raise Over $200,000 For GOP Senate Members KJZZ News November 08, 2016
Arizona Gov. Ducey Defends Cause To Use Tax Money For Private, Parochial Schools KJZZ News January 27, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Does A 180 In Support Of $650 Million Education Tax Source KJZZ News March 15, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey May Get His Good Samaritan's For Saving Kids In Hot Cars KJZZ News April 06, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs School Voucher Expansion KJZZ News April 07, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Submits 'Wish List' To Trump Administration KJZZ News March 03, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey To Decide On Assets, Forfeiture Law KJZZ News April 11, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey To Decide On Bill That Pits Business Rights Against Disability Rights KJZZ News April 18, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey To Decide On Controversial Abortion Bill KJZZ News March 30, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey To Decide On End Of Life Bill KJZZ News March 22, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey To Decide On Teen Texting Bill KJZZ News April 21, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Welcomes Uber's Self-Driving Pilot KJZZ News December 23, 2016
Arizona Gov. Ducey: GOP Plan To Replace ACA Is Flawed KJZZ News March 16, 2017
Arizona Governor To Decide On Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Cursive KJZZ News March 28, 2016
Arizona Governor Wants To Eliminate Some State Agencies KJZZ News September 28, 2016
Arizona Groups Want To Reinstate Funding For All-Day Kindergarten October 25, 2016
Arizona gun control supporters 'furious' with U.S. Senate April 18, 2013
Arizona Health Officials: Everyone Should Get Flu Shot KJZZ News September 14, 2015
Arizona Hospitality Industry Leads The Way In Adding Jobs KJZZ News April 21, 2017
Arizona House Advances ADA Cure Period Bill KJZZ News April 14, 2017
Arizona House Again Passes On Vote To End Common Core Standards KJZZ News March 11, 2015
Arizona House Approves 'Revenge Porn' Bill KJZZ News January 14, 2016
Arizona House Approves Bill To Protect Rideshare Drivers KJZZ News March 12, 2015
Arizona House Approves Measures That Could Curb Voter Rights KJZZ News February 24, 2017
Arizona House Approves New Consumer Loans With Interest Rates Up To 204 Percent KJZZ News March 22, 2016