Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Gov. Ducey: GOP Plan To Replace ACA Is Flawed KJZZ News March 16, 2017
Arizona Governor To Decide On Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Cursive KJZZ News March 28, 2016
Arizona Governor Wants To Eliminate Some State Agencies KJZZ News September 28, 2016
Arizona Groups Want To Reinstate Funding For All-Day Kindergarten October 25, 2016
Arizona gun control supporters 'furious' with U.S. Senate April 18, 2013
Arizona Health Officials: Everyone Should Get Flu Shot KJZZ News September 14, 2015
Arizona House Again Passes On Vote To End Common Core Standards KJZZ News March 11, 2015
Arizona House Approves 'Revenge Porn' Bill KJZZ News January 14, 2016
Arizona House Approves Bill To Protect Rideshare Drivers KJZZ News March 12, 2015
Arizona House Approves Measures That Could Curb Voter Rights KJZZ News February 24, 2017
Arizona House Approves New Consumer Loans With Interest Rates Up To 204 Percent KJZZ News March 22, 2016
Arizona House Closes Party Caucuses KJZZ News January 28, 2015
Arizona House Committee To Decide Next Week On Benefits For Seasonal Firefighters September 13, 2013
Arizona House Leaders Cry Foul After Atheist Delivers Opening Prayer KJZZ News March 04, 2016
Arizona House Leadership: Prayer Is A Prayer Only If It's To God KJZZ News February 09, 2016
Arizona House Majority Leader Wants State To Pay For Concealed Carry Permit KJZZ News January 20, 2016
Arizona House members approve state budget and Medicaid expansion June 13, 2013
Arizona House Moves Forward With Teacher Tax Credits For Classroom Supplies KJZZ News February 26, 2016
Arizona House OKs Major Campaign Finance Law Rewrite, Leaves Door Open To Dark Money March 30, 2016
Arizona House Panel Approves Measure Refusing Refugee Resettlement In Arizona KJZZ News February 18, 2016
Arizona House Republicans Beat Back Measure Telling Them To Leave Their Guns At Home April 13, 2016
Arizona House To Debate Campaign Finance System Overhaul KJZZ News March 14, 2016
Arizona House Votes To Eliminate Pawn Store Transaction Fee KJZZ News March 03, 2016
Arizona House Votes To Forbid Jail Officials From Releasing Immigrants That Authorities Want Held KJZZ News February 24, 2017
Arizona housing foreclosure rates continue to drop May 09, 2013