Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Tourism Back To Pre-SB 1070 Levels KJZZ News July 22, 2014
Arizona unemployment numbers remain the same April 19, 2013
Arizona Volkswagen Cars Affected By Emissions Issue Remain On The Road KJZZ News September 28, 2015
Arizona Weather Heats Back Up To 100 Degrees This Week KJZZ News May 12, 2014
Arizona's 2nd Congressional District Is A Neck-And-Neck Rematch Kate Sheehy October 28, 2014
Arizona's Demographic Gap Could Cause Political And Educational Issues Al Macias February 16, 2015
Arizona's Health Director Wants Tougher Medical Marijuana Regulations KJZZ News October 13, 2014
Arizona's unemployment rate stayed the same in April May 17, 2013
Arizona, Sonora Governors Speak Out On Migration KJZZ News June 23, 2014
Arizonans Enroll In The Federal Marketplace KJZZ News February 19, 2015
Arpaio critics feel validated after three-year investigation December 15, 2011
Arpaio dismisses DOJ report, vows to 'continue enforcing law' December 15, 2011
Arpaio on the stand in civil trial July 24, 2012
Arpaio plans to expand armed school volunteer posse April 08, 2013
Arpaio uses YouTube to respond to court order May 29, 2013
Assayii Lake Fire Nearly Contained KJZZ News June 23, 2014
ASU And Banner Health To Open New Center For Neurodegenerative Diseases Mark Brodie June 11, 2015
ASU Indian Legal Program Conference To Explore E-Commerce Within Tribal Governments Mark Brodie February 12, 2015
ASU Researchers Say Sex Trafficking Victimizers Need Treatment KJZZ News February 23, 2015
ASU Researchers Tracking Social Media For Indicators Of Human Trafficking Activity KJZZ News January 29, 2015
Attorney General Horne Faces Another Investigation KJZZ News July 09, 2014
Attorney General Warns Of Telephone Scam KJZZ News June 04, 2014
Attorneys For Arizona Republicans Ask US Supreme Court To Void Lines Drawn For Legislative Districts KJZZ News August 29, 2014
Attorneys For Arizona Say Gay Marriage Will Lead To Fewer Straight Marriages KJZZ News September 22, 2014
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