Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Presidential Primary Lawsuit Could Hinge On Who's Really At Fault April 20, 2016
Arizona Proposal Would Outlaw Flying Drones Over Private Property KJZZ News February 01, 2016
Arizona ranked ninth in foreclosure filings last month June 13, 2013
Arizona Recycling Company Accused Of Operating A Criminal Enterprise KJZZ News October 16, 2013
Arizona Republican Spending Plan Includes $26 Million In Tax Breaks April 26, 2016
Arizona ROC Revokes Licenses For Paddock Pools, Cameo Pools KJZZ News July 21, 2015
Arizona runners use social media to communicate in Boston April 16, 2013
Arizona Schools Are Asking The State For Money KJZZ News May 09, 2014
Arizona Secretary of State receives confirmation from Hawaii on birth certificate May 23, 2012
Arizona Senate Approves Bill Allowing Weapons, From Grenades To Silencers March 29, 2016
Arizona Senate Considers Bill To Cut Desegregation Funding For Schools Kate Sheehy February 11, 2015
Arizona Senate Republicans Approve Campaign Finance Law Changes, Democrats Cry 'Dark Money' Foul KJZZ News March 09, 2016
Arizona Senate To Review Spaceport Measure KJZZ News April 21, 2014
Arizona Senate: Airbnb Hosts Can Rent On Without Restrictions KJZZ News March 09, 2016
Arizona Senator: Require New Fire, Police Hires To Work 25 Years Before Full Pension Benefits KJZZ News February 01, 2016
Arizona spends $640,000 on immigration training October 29, 2012
Arizona State Budget Off To A Slow Start KJZZ News September 25, 2014
Arizona State Senator Refers To Controversial Videos, Argues To Ban Fetal Tissue Research KJZZ News February 18, 2016
Arizona Stores See Influx Of Lottery Hopefuls As Powerball Jackpot Nears $2 Billion KJZZ News January 13, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Amanda Adkins KJZZ News December 16, 2014
Arizona Storytellers: Anel Arriola KJZZ News August 27, 2015
Arizona Storytellers: Angelina Dominguez KJZZ News February 10, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Caroline Lobo KJZZ News June 08, 2015
Arizona Storytellers: Celine Rille KJZZ News May 21, 2015
Arizona Storytellers: Charly Edsitty KJZZ News April 16, 2015