Daniel Perle

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Tucson To Hold Walk-In Warrant Day Daniel Perle Aug. 15, 2017
Pima County Supervisor Under Fire For Charlottesville Comment Daniel Perle Aug. 14, 2017
Maricopa County Light System Warns Drivers Away From Floods Daniel Perle Aug. 14, 2017
New Law Aims To Protect Children, Pets in Hot Cars Daniel Perle Aug. 8, 2017
State Civil Asset Forfeiture Law Takes Effect Wednesday Daniel Perle Aug. 7, 2017
Pima County Bans Gay Conversion Therapy On Minors Daniel Perle Aug. 2, 2017
Phoenix Looking At Causes of Burton Barr Library Damage Daniel Perle Aug. 2, 2017
Officials Plug Sewage Leak in Nogales Daniel Perle Aug. 2, 2017
Arizona State Route 366 Closed Until Further Notice Daniel Perle Aug. 2, 2017
Pima County Considering Sales Tax Daniel Perle Aug. 2, 2017
Prescott Council Votes To Sell Granite Mountain Hotshots Firehouse Daniel Perle Jul. 25, 2017
Pecos Road Closing To Make Way For South Mountain Freeway Daniel Perle Jul. 25, 2017
Red Cross Faces Summer Blood Donor Shortage Daniel Perle Jul. 25, 2017
Prescott To Vote on Fate Of Yarnell 19's Fire Station Daniel Perle Jul. 24, 2017
Mixed-Use Development Coming To Downtown Mesa Daniel Perle Jul. 22, 2017
Department Of Homeland Security To Add 15,000 Work Visas Daniel Perle Jul. 17, 2017
Golf Club Operator Sold To Private Equity Firm Daniel Perle Jul. 12, 2017
Arizona Authorities Search For Suspect In Shooting, Arsons Near Payson Daniel Perle, Holliday Moore Jul. 5, 2017
Burro Fire Forces Evacuation Of Summerhaven Daniel Perle Jul. 3, 2017
Goodwin Fire Forces Home Evacuations, Highway Closure Daniel Perle, Stina Sieg Jun. 28, 2017
Phoenix Historic Liquor Store Staves Off Demolition Daniel Perle Jun. 27, 2017
CDC Study Shows Increase In Mosquito Detection Daniel Perle Jun. 21, 2017
Warner Presses DHS On Russia Election Hacking Daniel Perle Jun. 20, 2017
Extreme Heat Slows Air Traffic To And From Sky Harbor Daniel Perle Jun. 19, 2017
Phoenix To Decide Fate Of Historic Clinton Campbell House Daniel Perle, Lauren Gilger Jun. 19, 2017