Title Author Publication Date
Phoenicians Go Wild For 'Pokemon Go' Stina Sieg July 12, 2016
3 Mexican Gray Wolves Found Dead In Arizona, New Mexico Stina Sieg July 09, 2016
Loss Doulas Help Parents Cope With Infant Death Stina Sieg July 08, 2016
FBI: Tucson Terror Suspect Called Himself 'American Jihadist' Stina Sieg July 06, 2016
Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges Against Arizona Federal Buildings Stina Sieg July 02, 2016
Look For Rapid Panting, Fast Pulse, Glazed Eyes In Overheated Pets Stina Sieg July 01, 2016
Phoenix Board Votes To Study Closure Of Hiking Trails On Hot Days Stina Sieg June 30, 2016
Courthouse Shooting Leaves Two Dead In Holbrook Stina Sieg June 30, 2016
Ducey Bans Paying For Lobbyists With Public Money Stina Sieg June 30, 2016
High Temperatures May Close Phoenix Trails Stina Sieg June 29, 2016
NMSU To Offer Mexican Students Discounted Tuition Stina Sieg June 28, 2016
How The 'Disease Detectives' Of Pinal County Are Fighting The Measles Outbreak Stina Sieg June 24, 2016
Prescott Hits All-Time High Of 105 Degrees Stina Sieg June 20, 2016
Wildfire Puts Small Community On Pre-evacuation Alert Stina Sieg June 20, 2016
Officials: Fire Breaks Saved Yarnell From Flames Stina Sieg June 17, 2016
Valley Homeless Shelters Brace For Hot Temperatures Stina Sieg June 15, 2016
Signs Urge Arizona Drivers To Be Cautious After Road Worker Deaths Stina Sieg June 14, 2016
EPA Gives Navajo Nation Grant To Monitor River Quality Stina Sieg June 13, 2016
All Evacuations Lifted For Tenderfoot Fire, 40 Percent Contained Stina Sieg June 13, 2016
Tenderfoot Fire Burns 3,400 Acres; Many Yarnell Residents Return Home Stina Sieg June 11, 2016
On The Scene Of The Tenderfoot Fire Near Yarnell Steve Goldstein June 10, 2016
Arizona Medical Association Issues Concerns About UA College Of Medicine - Phoenix Stina Sieg June 08, 2016
Vandals Spray Paint Rock At Grand Canyon Stina Sieg June 06, 2016
Count Finds More Homeless People In Maricopa County Than Last Year Stina Sieg June 04, 2016
What's That Smell? Flagstaff Dog Food Plant Has Plan To Fight Foul Odor Stina Sieg June 04, 2016