Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Could Soon Have More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Stina Sieg February 29, 2016
Arizona Couple Must Repay $2M In Food-Stamp Fraud Stina Sieg April 17, 2015
Arizona Court: Drivers Must Comply With Police During Traffic Stops Stina Sieg October 09, 2015
Arizona Donates Car Seats To Sonora Stina Sieg February 10, 2014
Arizona Finds Problems In More CPS Cases Associated Press December 09, 2013
Arizona Gets $20 Million To Expand Preschool Stina Sieg December 10, 2014
Arizona Gets $20.7 Million In Mortgage Settlement Stina Sieg December 19, 2013
Arizona Gets $3.1 Million From JPMorgan Chase Settlement Stina Sieg July 08, 2015
Arizona gets mixed economic forecast May 16, 2013
Arizona Gets Money For Rural Electricity Stina Sieg December 23, 2013
Arizona Has Second Highest Number Of Salmonella Cases In US Outbreak Stina Sieg September 30, 2015
Arizona Health Centers Get Funding Bump July 10, 2013
Arizona Health Department: Flu Shots Less Effective At Protecting Seniors Stina Sieg June 23, 2017
Arizona High Court Rules Against Warrantless DUI Blood Draws Stina Sieg March 09, 2017
Arizona Historian Jack August Dies At 63 Stina Sieg January 21, 2017
Arizona Home To Algae Biofuel Research Stina Sieg January 16, 2014
Arizona House Strengthens Travel Reimbursement Policy Stina Sieg February 26, 2016
Arizona Humane Society Deploys Animal EMTs To Help Across The Valley Stina Sieg February 09, 2016
Arizona Humane Society Hit By Recent Floods Stina Sieg September 10, 2014
Arizona Integrates Mental And Physical Health Treatment Stina Sieg December 22, 2014
Arizona Is Crawling With 'Super Lice' Resistant To Over-The-Counter Shampoos Stina Sieg August 19, 2016
Arizona Joins Slew Of Lawsuits Against Environmental Rules Stina Sieg October 23, 2015
Arizona Lawsuit Challenges Indian Child Welfare Act Stina Sieg July 07, 2015
Arizona Lottery Winners May Get Temporary Anonymity Stina Sieg January 26, 2015
Arizona Man Honored For Heroism Stina Sieg December 20, 2013