Naomi Gingold is the weekend morning host at KJZZ. When’s she’s not in the studio, she’s out reporting stories in the Valley.

Before joining the station in 2016, Gingold was a freelance reporter for PRI’s The World and NPR, based out of Japan, Burma/Myanmar, and occasionally around the United States.

She has covered a range of topics from technology to international politics, gender, health, immigrant experiences and the arts.

Gingold has a BA from Brown University in International Relations and studied music production and audio engineering at Berklee College of Music.

Her master’s research was on the intersection of media, politics and technology; she is currently writing a book on Burmese hip hop.

You can reach her at or on Twitter @naomigingold.

Title Author Publication Date
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Phoenix's Electronic-Music Scene Re-Emerges Naomi Gingold January 09, 2017
Arizona Student Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Classmates Reaches Plea Deal Naomi Gingold January 09, 2017
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Arizona Historical Records Available Online To State Residents Naomi Gingold December 26, 2016
Petrified Forest National Park Employee Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement Naomi Gingold December 23, 2016
Local Startup Will Soon Let You Buy Homemade Cupcakes Through Your Phone Naomi Gingold December 19, 2016
High Pollution Advisory Means No Burning Wood Naomi Gingold December 19, 2016
Puzzles, Mud And Animal Welfare At The Phoenix Zoo ... And Around the World Naomi Gingold December 15, 2016
Veterans Affairs Officials To Visit Arizona This Week Naomi Gingold December 12, 2016
Ruben Gallego Hosts DACA Summit Over the Weekend Naomi Gingold December 12, 2016
Jazz Improvisation May Soon Be Created In Computer Labs Naomi Gingold December 06, 2016
Tucson To Employ Homeless To Clean City Streets Naomi Gingold December 05, 2016
Johnson Utilities Customers Told to Avoid the Water Naomi Gingold December 05, 2016
Young And Muslim: How The Election Of Donald Trump Has Impacted Muslims In Arizona Naomi Gingold December 01, 2016
First Local Zika Transmission Outside Of Florida Hits Close to Home Naomi Gingold November 30, 2016
Professor Noam Chomsky Returns To UA To Teach Spring Political Course Naomi Gingold November 28, 2016
In 2016 Election, Why Didn't Women Have A Similar Sense of 'Shared Fate?' Naomi Gingold November 22, 2016
Arizona Hip Hop Festival In Downtown Phoenix Saturday Naomi Gingold November 18, 2016
Arizona Latino Community Organizer Worries About Immigration Policies Under Donald Trump Naomi Gingold November 15, 2016
A Phoenix High School Unlike Any Other Naomi Gingold November 08, 2016
Ballot Selfies Are Allowed In Arizona — Far Outside The Voting Booth Naomi Gingold November 07, 2016
Mayo Clinic Opening Medical School Campus In Valley Naomi Gingold November 03, 2016
Native Americans In Popular Children's Literature — And Why It Matters Naomi Gingold October 28, 2016