Jude Joffe-Block photoKJZZ Senior Field Correspondent Jude Joffe-Block got hooked on radio while working as an assitant to a radio reporter in Mexico, and has been happiest wearing headphones and pointing microphones ever since.

Joffe-Block began serving KJZZ in October 2010 as a Fronteras: Changing America Senior Field Correspondent based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. She joined the Phoenix newsroom in July 2012.

Before joining the Fronteras Desk, she contributed stories on immigration and criminal justice to KALW in San Francisco and multimedia content in both Spanish and English to The Associated Press in Mexico.

She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and Yale University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico.

Contact Jude Joffe-Block at 480-774-8238 or jblock@rioradio.org.


Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Election Results Certified As DOJ Begins Inquiry Into Maricopa County Voting Trouble Jude Joffe-Block April 04, 2016
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Arizona Files Appeal Over DREAMer Driver’s Licenses Jude Joffe-Block June 05, 2015
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Arizona judge rules 'pregnant man' can't divorce wife March 29, 2013
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Arizona one of last states to deny licenses to DACA immigrants February 04, 2013
Arizona same-sex couples a step closer to receiving federal benefits June 26, 2013
Arizona Senators Seek Hearing About Banking Access On Border Jude Joffe-Block February 11, 2015
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Arizona Town Could Get New Border Crossing — If It Foots The Bill Jude Joffe-Block January 16, 2015
Arizona Voting: Mistaken Party Affiliation Could Make Some Provisional Ballots Count Jude Joffe-Block March 29, 2016
Arizona's Independents Push For More Rights At The Polls Jude Joffe-Block February 25, 2016
Arizona, Sonora Announce Joint Trade Mission To Israel Jude Joffe-Block February 12, 2014
Arpaio Admits To Secret Investigation Of Judge's Wife Jude Joffe-Block April 23, 2015
Arpaio Asks Appeals Court To Put Racial Profiling Case On Hold Jude Joffe-Block August 24, 2015
Arpaio Asks Judge Not To Pursue Contempt Jude Joffe-Block January 09, 2015
Arpaio Becomes Maricopa County’s Longest-Serving Sheriff Jude Joffe-Block June 09, 2015
Arpaio Claims Judge Was A Victim In Alleged Bank Fraud Scheme Jude Joffe-Block October 02, 2015
Arpaio critics take opportunity to register voters August 02, 2012
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Arpaio Finds Himself In Court As Civil Contempt Hearing Begins Jude Joffe-Block April 20, 2015
Arpaio Makes Play For Pinal County's Disputed ICE Contract Jude Joffe-Block April 21, 2014
Arpaio Questions Feds On Immigration Enforcement Jude Joffe-Block April 06, 2014