Jude Joffe-Block

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Title Author Publication Date
Arpaio Launches Final Posse Shopping Mall Patrols Jude Joffe-Block November 29, 2016
Arpaio Makes Play For Pinal County's Disputed ICE Contract Jude Joffe-Block April 21, 2014
Arpaio Questions Feds On Immigration Enforcement Jude Joffe-Block April 06, 2014
Arpaio raises nearly three times as much money as opponents August 22, 2012
Arpaio Takes The Stand In Contempt Of Court Case Jude Joffe-Block April 22, 2015
Arpaio To Face Deposition In Contempt Case Jude Joffe-Block March 23, 2015
Arpaio to have armed volunteers patrol county schools January 09, 2013
Arpaio Wants Judge To Remove Himself From Racial Profiling Case Jude Joffe-Block May 22, 2015
Arpaio Wants More Time To Respond To Contempt Ruling Jude Joffe-Block May 19, 2016
Arpaio's Admission Of Investigation Into Judge's Wife Stuns Courtroom Jude Joffe-Block April 23, 2015
Arpaio's Second-In-Command Testifies In Contempt Hearing Jude Joffe-Block April 24, 2015
Arpaio, Chief Deputy Admonished By Judge Jude Joffe-Block March 24, 2014
Arpaio’s Lawyers Hopeful For Settlement In Contempt Of Court Case Jude Joffe-Block February 27, 2015
As Arizona Republicans Prepare For Election, Possibility Of A Contested Convention Looms Jude Joffe-Block March 21, 2016
As Arpaio’s Contempt Case Becomes More Complex, A Growing Number Of Lawyers Join In Jude Joffe-Block September 15, 2015
As Execution Dragged On, An Emergency Hearing Was Underway Jude Joffe-Block July 25, 2014
As Semester Begins, Small Number Of DACA Students Pay In-State Tuition Jude Joffe-Block August 19, 2015
ASU opens center for Latino public policy October 22, 2012
Attorney General: Phoenix Police A Model For Training Jude Joffe-Block June 28, 2016
Attorneys Awarded $4.4 Million For MCSO Racial Profiling Suit Jude Joffe-Block September 11, 2014
Attorneys Debate Judge’s Questioning Of Arpaio On Secret Investigations Jude Joffe-Block April 29, 2015
Audits up, arrests down in worksite immigration enforcement February 07, 2013
August 30 Primary Will Be First With New 'Ballot Harvesting' Law Jude Joffe-Block August 29, 2016
August Trial To Examine Arpaio Retaliation Against Critics Jude Joffe-Block June 16, 2015
Banamex USA Bank To Pay $140 Million Fine And Shut Down Jude Joffe-Block July 23, 2015