Paul Anderson

Jazz Host

Paul Anderson photoPaul Anderson has been part of the KJZZ jazz team since 2002. As a saxophonist, composer and producer, he brings a great deal of insight into the music you hear on KJZZ.

Anderson came upon his first jazz recording at the age of seven.  It was Ray Charles and his Big Band: Sounds of the Genius, which he found hidden in the trunk of a car.

Anderson is a graduate of the Studio Music & Jazz Program at the University of Miami, where he studied with Dennis Diblasio and Ken Nigro.

During his touring days, Anderson found inspiration and mentorship from jazz greats like Stan Getz, Pete Minger and Ira Sullivan.

Anderson learned early on about the healing power of music.  He used to play jazz standards to patients during his first summer job at Central Islip State Mental Hospital and saw how the patients’ outlook changed with the sounds of music.

Anderson has been entertaining Valley jazz fans since 1992 on stage and behind-the-scenes recording and producing records.

“Jazz reflects all the great possibilities of American life,” said Anderson.  “I’m honored to share the magic of jazz with KJZZ fans.”

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