Michel Marizco photoFronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrong-doings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in Southern Arizona.

In 2016, he received The Associated Press Television-Radio Association’s award for investigative reporting. Previously, his work earned recognition with a National Headliners Award and a Maria Moors Cabot Prize.

In 2010, he helped launch the KJZZ local journalism center, The Fronteras: Changing America Desk and opened the station’s Tucson bureau. He returned in 2016 as the Fronteras Desk’s Senior Editor to lead a team of highly-skilled reporters. His work now focuses on transnational trafficking syndicates, immigration, federal law enforcement and those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Contact Michel Marizco at 520-820-8525, mmarizco@kjzz.org, on Twitter @borderreporter.


Title Author Publication Date
Border Patrol Using Virtual Simulator To Train Agents On Use Of Force Michel Marizco September 16, 2016
Eloy Detention Center Measles Outbreak Officially Over Michel Marizco August 09, 2016
Health Officials: Eloy Detention Center Workers Refusing Measles Vaccinations, Fueling Outbreak Michel Marizco June 30, 2016
Immigrants Sue Arizona's Medicaid Program Michel Marizco July 28, 2016
In Southern Arizona, A Fight To Save Dying Centenarian Tree Michel Marizco July 18, 2016
In Yuma, Border Patrol Braces for Heat-Related Border Crosser Deaths Michel Marizco June 17, 2016
3 Arrested In Border Patrol Shooting, Including Suspected Rock Thrower Michel Marizco April 20, 2016
A Border Town's Changing Face Michel Marizco December 13, 2016
ACLU: Border Agents Forced Woman To Urinate In Drug Search, Added To Watch List Michel Marizco June 28, 2016
ACLU: Tucson Police Violating Rights During Immigration Checks Michel Marizco May 03, 2016
Are the Border Patrol's Deterrent Measures Working? August 05, 2013
Arizona Congresswoman Wants Homeland Security To Release Accurate Apprehensions Data Michel Marizco September 22, 2016
Arizona Health Officials: ICE Prison Workers Refusing Measles Vaccine Michel Marizco July 06, 2016
Arizona universities face growing pains February 28, 2013
Arrest Made In Cross-Border Mexico-US Newborn Trafficking Ring Michel Marizco September 28, 2016
Assaults On Border Agents Up From Same Period A Year Ago Michel Marizco December 21, 2016
Audit: Homeland Security Employees On Paid Leave Cost $20 Million Michel Marizco April 06, 2016
Audit: US Immigration Agency Lost Track Of Thousands Of Green Cards Michel Marizco November 22, 2016
Autopsy: Guatemalan Detainee Who Died In Arizona Died From Blood Clot Michel Marizco December 20, 2016
Blackmailing Media Outlets An Ongoing Problem In Mexico Michel Marizco March 22, 2016
Border Agents Accused Of Taking Migrants' Belongings Michel Marizco April 07, 2016
Border Patrol Lie Detectors Accused Of 'Bizarre-Sounding' Behavior Michel Marizco June 22, 2016
CBP Adds Temporary Facilities For Migrant Surge In Texas Michel Marizco November 23, 2016
CBP Releases Findings Into Four Use of Force Investigations Michel Marizco June 30, 2016
Central American Families Arriving At Southern Border In Record Numbers Michel Marizco October 19, 2016