Michel Marizco photoFronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrong-doings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in Southern Arizona.

In 2016, he received The Associated Press Television-Radio Association’s award for investigative reporting. Previously, his work earned recognition with a National Headliners Award and a Maria Moors Cabot Prize.

In 2010, he helped launch the KJZZ local journalism center, The Fronteras: Changing America Desk and opened the station’s Tucson bureau. He returned in 2016 as the Fronteras Desk’s Senior Editor to lead a team of highly-skilled reporters. His work now focuses on transnational trafficking syndicates, immigration, federal law enforcement and those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Contact Michel Marizco at 520-820-8525, mmarizco@kjzz.org, on Twitter @borderreporter.


Title Author Publication Date
Federal Judge Orders Release Of Tucson Border Patrol Holding Cell Photos Michel Marizco June 29, 2016
ACLU: Border Agents Forced Woman To Urinate In Drug Search, Added To Watch List Michel Marizco June 28, 2016
Border Patrol Lie Detectors Accused Of 'Bizarre-Sounding' Behavior Michel Marizco June 22, 2016
Pima County Warns Residents To Stay Safe After Three Die From Extreme Heat Michel Marizco June 21, 2016
In Unusual Move, FBI Vet Tapped To Head Border Patrol Michel Marizco June 21, 2016
In Yuma, Border Patrol Braces for Heat-Related Border Crosser Deaths Michel Marizco June 17, 2016
Lawsuit Alleges 'Invasive' Body Cavity Search By Arizona Hospital, CBP Michel Marizco June 13, 2016
Officials: Yuma Border Patrol Agent Assaulted, Assailant Shot Dead Michel Marizco June 13, 2016
The Costs Behind A Migrant Crisis: Central American Asylum-Seekers Surge In Yuma Michel Marizco June 06, 2016
How Prop 123 Would Affect Arizona's Smallest School Michel Marizco May 04, 2016
ACLU: Tucson Police Violating Rights During Immigration Checks Michel Marizco May 03, 2016
Federal Agency Investigating Private Gate Blocking Rural Border Crossing On Native American Land Michel Marizco May 02, 2016
3 Arrested In Border Patrol Shooting, Including Suspected Rock Thrower Michel Marizco April 20, 2016
FBI Investigating Border Patrol Shooting On Tohono O’odham Reservation Michel Marizco April 20, 2016
Goldwater Institute Files Lawsuit Over Proposed Tucson Spaceport Michel Marizco April 14, 2016
Border Agents Accused Of Taking Migrants' Belongings Michel Marizco April 07, 2016
Audit: Homeland Security Employees On Paid Leave Cost $20 Million Michel Marizco April 06, 2016
Supreme Court Scheduled To Consider Hearing Border Patrol Shooting Lawsuit Michel Marizco March 31, 2016
Native American Mexico Border Crossing Threatened Michel Marizco March 29, 2016
Blackmailing Media Outlets An Ongoing Problem In Mexico Michel Marizco March 22, 2016
Suspected Ringleader Of Sinaloa Cartel Extradited To US Michel Marizco March 08, 2016
Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Indicted On Child Sexual Conduct Charges Michel Marizco March 07, 2016
Federal Government Asks For Funding For Surge Of Children At Border Michel Marizco March 02, 2016
Federal Auditors: Border Agency Must Fix Or Shutter Remote Post Michel Marizco February 26, 2016
Are the Border Patrol's Deterrent Measures Working? August 05, 2013