Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Legislature Welcomes New State Senator Al Macias January 21, 2014
Flake Lifts Block On Five Judicial Nominees Al Macias January 14, 2014
Closing Arguments Begin In Doody Trial Al Macias January 10, 2014
New Mexico Officials Plan Pronghorn, Turkey Trade Al Macias January 09, 2014
Federal Court Ruling Approved Against Arpaio Al Macias January 09, 2014
Brewer Announces Landmark Mental Health Settlement Al Macias January 08, 2014
Maricopa County Supervisors To Elect New Chair Al Macias January 08, 2014
American Airlines To Keep Old Logo In Merger Al Macias January 03, 2014
Better Odds: Mega Millions Or Asteroid? Al Macias December 16, 2013
Schweikert Believes Congress May Address Immigration Reform Al Macias December 16, 2013
Community College IT Breach Could Cost Up To $14 Million Al Macias December 11, 2013
Rep. David Schweikert Unhappy With Proposed Budget Deal Al Macias December 11, 2013
Airline Merger Will Be Completed Monday Al Macias December 08, 2013
HS Football Player Died Of Blunt Force Trauma Al Macias December 05, 2013
Phoenix Airline Passenger Tests Negative For TB Al Macias December 03, 2013
Valley-Bound US Airways Plane Experiences Tuberculosis Scare Al Macias December 02, 2013
Sky Harbor Anticipates Holiday Vehicle Traffic Al Macias November 26, 2013
Gilbert Public Schools Board To Vote On Apple Tax Break Al Macias November 15, 2013
Arizona Supreme Court Rules Prosecutors Must Turn Over Evidence Al Macias November 15, 2013
Net Metering Vote Allows Marginal Rate Increase For Solar Power Customers Al Macias November 14, 2013
Arizona Corporation Commission Holds Hearing On Net Metering Al Macias November 13, 2013
Two Past Hopi Tribe Vice Chairmen To Face Each Other In General Election Al Macias November 07, 2013
Forest Thinning Project Could Start Up Again Soon Al Macias October 28, 2013
Judge To Decide Outcome For Johnathan Doody Case Al Macias October 23, 2013
No Changes To Phoenix Pension Plans — Yet Al Macias October 22, 2013