Title Author Publication Date
Dozens Arrested In Tempe Child Prostitution Sting Al Macias April 24, 2014
Brewer Signs Law Allowing Unannounced Abortion Provider Inspections Al Macias April 15, 2014
Phoenix Shoe Thrower Faces Federal Charges Al Macias April 14, 2014
Phoenix Woman Identified As Hilary Clinton Shoe Thrower Al Macias April 11, 2014
Abortion Drug Restrictions Back On Hold Al Macias April 03, 2014
Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project Approved Al Macias April 01, 2014
Maricopa County Population Grew, Cochise County Declined In 2013 Al Macias March 28, 2014
Center For Arizona Policy Spearheads Right-To-Refuse Bill Al Macias March 05, 2014
Latino Leaders Urge Sinema To Stay In District 9 Al Macias March 04, 2014
Cellphone Bill Aimed At Teen Drivers Al Macias March 03, 2014
Phoenix Medal Of Honor Recipient Remembered Al Macias February 24, 2014
Phoenix Council Approves Changes To Labor Agreement After Heated Debate Al Macias February 19, 2014
Zuercher Named New Phoenix City Manager Al Macias February 19, 2014
Phoenix City Council To Approve Labor Group Agreement Al Macias February 19, 2014
Phoenix City Council To Select New City Manager Al Macias February 19, 2014
Yarnell Memorial Gets Hearing On Presidents Day Al Macias February 17, 2014
Maricopa City Judge Ordered Out Al Macias February 11, 2014
Arguments Begin In Federal Voter Registration Forms Case Al Macias February 11, 2014
U.S. Census Report Tracks Maricopa County Migration Al Macias February 06, 2014
City Of Phoenix And Maricopa County Services Combine At City Hall Al Macias January 31, 2014
Longtime Phoenix Fire Chief Retires Al Macias January 30, 2014
Senate Appropriations Committee To Vote On Child Safety Funding Al Macias January 28, 2014
California Utility To Pay Fine For Role In Power Outage Al Macias January 23, 2014
Debra Milke Ordered To Stand Trial Again Al Macias January 22, 2014
ASU Fraternity Suspended After MLK Party Al Macias January 21, 2014