Title Author Publication Date
County recorder's office faces criticism for Spanish-language mistakes October 24, 2012
County recorder's office hopes Spanish-language awarness program corrects mistakes October 26, 2012
County Will Need More Courtrooms For Projected Population Growth Al Macias August 25, 2014
Court hastens disbarment for former assistant county attorney May 30, 2012
Court rules against parking fees in national park February 10, 2012
Court Rules Arizona Prison Officials Violated Death-Row Inmate's Rights Al Macias August 11, 2014
Credit card parking meters coming to Downtown Phoenix October 04, 2012
Cruise bookings down after ship wreck in Italy January 31, 2012
David Cavazos Officially Gets The Santa Ana Job August 07, 2013
Debra Milke Back In Court Friday August 23, 2013
Debra Milke Granted Bail While Awaiting Retrial September 05, 2013
Debra Milke Ordered To Stand Trial Again Al Macias January 22, 2014
Deliberations Resume Tuesday In Prophet Cartoon Contest Attack Trial Al Macias March 14, 2016
DHS Secretary Responds To Surge Of Unaccompanied Child Immigrants Al Macias June 13, 2014
DHS targets teen tobacco use June 08, 2012
Disbarment recommended for former County Attorney Andrew Thomas January 31, 2012
DOJ to Arpaio: Stop stalling the investigation January 17, 2012
DOJ: Can't trust communication with MCSO, will likely end up in court April 12, 2012
Dozens Arrested In Tempe Child Prostitution Sting Al Macias April 24, 2014
Dr. Daniel Caruso Of Arizona Burn Center Dies At 53 Al Macias August 28, 2017
Drivers rejoice: Time spent stuck in traffic is down May 22, 2012
Drought blamed for wild horse deaths on Navajo Nation August 06, 2012
E. Coli Found In Water Near Broken Pipe In Santa Cruz County Al Macias July 27, 2017
Early Winter Storm Will Bring Snow And Low Temperatures To Flagstaff October 10, 2013
Economists Say Arizona's Recovery Has Moved From Mediocre To Okay September 27, 2013