Nick Blumberg

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Title Author Publication Date
Hopi criminal code changed to increase sentences September 05, 2012
Horne Faces Election Law Complaint Nick Blumberg May 12, 2014
Horne May Settle Campaign Finance Charges Nick Blumberg January 22, 2014
Horne Wants To Speed Up Action On Death Row Appeals August 13, 2013
Horne's Attorneys Ask Judge To Halt Clean Elections Investigation Nick Blumberg August 11, 2014
Hospital Tech Sentenced For Spreading Hepatitis C To Patients Nick Blumberg December 02, 2013
Hospital Tech Who Spread Hepatitis C To Face Sentencing Nick Blumberg November 27, 2013
Hot weather leads to multiple emergency calls in Lake Mead area June 09, 2013
House Committee OKs Money For Outside CPS Review Nick Blumberg March 12, 2014
House Panel Wants Voters To Reauthorize Ballot Measures Nick Blumberg February 04, 2014
House Republicans vote to end loan guarantees for renewable energy projects September 14, 2012
How Are Classrooms in the Southwest Changing? October 27, 2011
How Can Technology Drive Growth in the Southwest? September 15, 2011
How can we motivate people to vote? April 27, 2012
How do you cope with Arizona's heat? March 12, 2012
How much would you spend to keep a pet healthy? May 25, 2012
How The Catholic Church Tackles Social Issues September 06, 2013
How the health care ruling affects Arizona businesses, consumers June 28, 2012
How will the Latino vote affect the 2012 elections? March 02, 2012
How will the LDS vote affect Mitt Romney? February 09, 2012
Hualapai to build temporary route to Skywalk June 11, 2013
Hundreds Of Ignored Child Abuse Complaints Led To Removals Nick Blumberg January 15, 2014
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Maricopa County Residents Vote Early In Primary Nick Blumberg August 25, 2014
Immigration lawyers advise DREAMers against haste, fraud July 12, 2012
In light of horse meat outrage, one look at how we choose our food April 30, 2013