Title Author Publication Date
Hopi criminal code changed to increase sentences September 05, 2012
City of Phoenix golf courses face budget deficit September 05, 2012
Labor Day weekend DUI arrests down from last year September 04, 2012
Arizona housing price gains above national average September 04, 2012
Pinal County Sheriff cleared of abuse of power charges August 31, 2012
Officials highlight future plans for light rail August 30, 2012
McCain to address RNC on national security August 29, 2012
Penzone wins shot against Arpaio in November August 28, 2012
Department of Justice sending election observers into Maricopa County August 27, 2012
Court orders Glendale tax initiative to appear on November ballot August 24, 2012
Glendale sales tax hike ruling could come Friday August 23, 2012
Medical transport van gets trapped in flooded Scottsdale wash August 23, 2012
Court of Appeals hears Glendale sales tax issue August 22, 2012
Monsoon storms pelt Phoenix area August 22, 2012
DPS find rule violations on Grand Canyon buses August 21, 2012
Mayo Clinic to spend $130 million on integrated cancer center August 21, 2012
Maricopa County Supervisors vote to keep current property tax rate August 20, 2012
Earthy-smelling tap water in Tempe has harmless cause August 20, 2012
Arizona Supreme Court rules "top two" primary initiative can appear on November ballot August 17, 2012
State officials take off from Capitol in Blackhawk helicopter August 16, 2012
Hazy skies over much of the Valley August 15, 2012
Sales tax initiative to appear on November ballot August 15, 2012
AZ Supreme Court scheduled to rule on death sentence appeal August 14, 2012
Giffords moves home to Tucson August 13, 2012
Nearly 25 percent of Arizonans obese August 13, 2012