Title Author Publication Date
Study finds teachers in Arizona have slightly less than average absentee rate December 04, 2012
Study Finds Trafficking Victims In Juvenile Court System Nick Blumberg May 27, 2014
Study To Examine Most Effective Drug For Valley Fever September 24, 2013
Study: Legalizing Arizona's undocumented workers would be economic boon September 10, 2012
Studying Who Heat Islands Hurt And Where They Live September 27, 2013
Sunday storms cause floods, knock out power July 16, 2012
Super Bowl, Smaller Events Eyeing Brewer's SB 1062 Decision Nick Blumberg February 25, 2014
Supreme Court Move Could Affect Arizona's Gay Marriage Ban Nick Blumberg October 06, 2014
Supreme Court Puts Idaho Same-Sex Marriages On Hold, Allows Nevada Marriages To Go Forward Nick Blumberg October 08, 2014
Supreme Court to decide whether to hear suit on domestic partner benefits for Arizona state workers November 29, 2012
Supreme Court to hear Arizona voter registration case October 15, 2012
Supreme Court won't hear Arizona domestic partner case June 27, 2013
Tears, Applause Flow Freely At Firefighters' Memorial July 09, 2013
Teens trapped for two hours over frozen lake January 03, 2013
Tell us about your experiences with HOAs April 20, 2012
Tell us your story of the housing boom (and bust) October 03, 2011
The Strategy Behind Campaign Signs Nick Blumberg June 27, 2014
Third challenger files to run against Sheriff Joe Arpaio May 29, 2012
This Election Day sticker brought to you by ... March 12, 2013
Time running out to register for Presidential Primary Election January 27, 2012
Trans Activist And Sex Worker Rights Advocate Fights Prostitution Charges Nick Blumberg March 28, 2014
Traveling Through Time, Forwards and Backwards December 31, 2011
Tucson hopes to cut down on bag litter March 20, 2013
Tucson Ordinance Requires Companies To Collect Abandoned Shopping Carts Nick Blumberg October 14, 2013
Tuition will be cheaper at ASU's new Lake Havasu City campus April 06, 2012