Jimmy Jenkins

Senior Field Correspondent - East Valley

Jimmy Jenkins is a senior field correspondent at KJZZ and a reporter for NPR’s National Criminal Justice Desk. His work has been featured on All Things Considered, Marketplace, Here and Now, The Takeaway and NPR Newscasts.

Originally from Terre Haute, Indiana, Jenkins has a B.S. in criminology from Indiana State University and a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University.

Law enforcement runs in Jenkins’ family, and much of his reporting has focused on the criminal justice system. Jenkins has reported on Tasers, body cameras, use of force, jail privatization, prison health care and the criminal contempt trial of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Title Author Publication Date
Federal Judge Puts Arizona Department Of Corrections On Notice Jimmy Jenkins October 10, 2017
As Data Use Expands, More 'Stealth' Cell Towers Popping Up In Metro Phoenix Jimmy Jenkins October 06, 2017
Federal Judge Dismisses Case Against Arpaio Jimmy Jenkins October 04, 2017
Federal Judge Will Hear Arguments On Whether To Vacate Joe Arpaio Conviction Jimmy Jenkins October 04, 2017
Incidents Of Self-Harm Surging In Arizona Prisons Jimmy Jenkins October 02, 2017
MCSO Asks DCS To Investigate Ranch In North Phoenix Jimmy Jenkins September 29, 2017
Renovations On Hold At Chinese Cultural Center Jimmy Jenkins September 28, 2017
Mesa City Council Appoints Heredia To Replace Winkle In District 3 Jimmy Jenkins September 28, 2017
MCSO Presents Plan To Deal With Institutional Bias Jimmy Jenkins September 28, 2017
Arizona Follows National Trend In Rising Violent Crime Rates Jimmy Jenkins September 25, 2017
DOJ: No Precedent For Joe Arpaio Pardon, But Conviction Should Be Dismissed Jimmy Jenkins September 22, 2017
Arizona Laborers Call For Heads Of ICA, ADOSH To Step Down Jimmy Jenkins September 21, 2017
Attorneys Investigating Arizona Prisoner's Death Jimmy Jenkins September 19, 2017
Arizona Judge Not Ready To Vacate Joe Arpaio's Guilty Verdict Jimmy Jenkins September 15, 2017
Federal Judge Losing Confidence In Arizona Department Of Corrections Jimmy Jenkins September 13, 2017
Contractors Turn To 'Prefab' Construction Amid Skilled Labor Shortage Jimmy Jenkins September 13, 2017
Prison Health Care Contract Amendment Could Lead To Financial Windfall For Corizon Jimmy Jenkins September 13, 2017
Federal Judge: 'Ghost Of Retaliation' Hangs Over Arizona Prison Health Care Settlement Jimmy Jenkins September 12, 2017
DOJ Asks Judge To Throw Out Joe Arpaio Verdict Jimmy Jenkins September 12, 2017
Penzone Orders Review Of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Posse Program Jimmy Jenkins September 08, 2017
Phoenician Looks To Expand Near Camelback Mountain Christina Estes September 07, 2017
Winkle Removed From City Council For Violating Mesa Charter Jimmy Jenkins August 31, 2017
Mesa Councilman Ryan Winkle Offers To Accept Censure, Pay Fine To Avoid Hearing Jimmy Jenkins August 30, 2017
Joe Arpaio: Accepting Pardon Is Not An Admission Of Guilt Jimmy Jenkins August 28, 2017
President Trump Grants Pardon To Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Of Arizona Jimmy Jenkins August 25, 2017