Andrew Bernier

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Aging In Arizona, Part 4: Consortium, Brain Bank Make Arizona Center For Research Andrew Bernier Jul. 14, 2016
New Catheter Tested In Phoenix Hospital Helps Unclog Patient Arteries, Save Limbs Andrew Bernier Jun. 24, 2016
Maricopa County Confirms First Heat Death Of 2016 Andrew Bernier Jun. 14, 2016
Arizona Researchers Study How A Little Plant May Absorb A Lot Of Carbon From Coal-Fired Power Plants Andrew Bernier May. 30, 2016
Arizona Study: Traumatic Brain Injury May Suppress Immune System, Increase Pain Sensitivity Andrew Bernier May. 17, 2016
New Zika Virus Test Developed By ASU’s Biodesign Institute Costs About $1 Andrew Bernier May. 10, 2016
TGEN, ASU Isolate Molecules Responsible For Lizard Tail Regeneration Andrew Bernier May. 9, 2016
ASU Adds Nobel Laureate Sidney Altman To School Of Life Sciences Andrew Bernier May. 4, 2016
Finding Judges A Challenge As Arizona Prepares To Host International Science And Engineering Fair Andrew Bernier May. 4, 2016
Solar Impulse 2 Lands At Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Andrew Bernier May. 3, 2016
Audiology Innovators Showcase New Hearing Technology In Phoenix Andrew Bernier Apr. 25, 2016
Solar Impulse To Resume Around-The-World Flight Thursday Andrew Bernier Apr. 20, 2016
New Species Of Tumbleweed Spreading Across Western US Andrew Bernier Apr. 18, 2016
ASU's School of Sustainability Celebrates 10 Years Pioneering New Academic Field Andrew Bernier Apr. 13, 2016
Pesticide Company Ortho To Phase Out Chemicals Linked To Bee Loss Andrew Bernier Apr. 12, 2016
ASU Researchers: Bees Stressed As Babies Fare Better As Adults Andrew Bernier Apr. 12, 2016
Cluster Of 19 Earthquakes Recorded In Northwest Arizona Andrew Bernier Apr. 5, 2016
ASU Research Suggests Human Chromosome Swapping More Common Than Previously Thought Andrew Bernier Mar. 29, 2016
ASU Launches Initiative To Flip Water Conversation From Scarcity To Abundance Andrew Bernier Mar. 25, 2016
14,000 Acres Of Western Land Declared Critical Habitat To Protect Endangered Mouse Andrew Bernier Mar. 22, 2016
ASU Researcher: It's Time To Prioritize, Restructure Endangered Species Funding Andrew Bernier, Mark Brodie Mar. 17, 2016
USFWS Considers Listing Or Delisting Petitions Of 8 Arizona Species Andrew Bernier Mar. 17, 2016
New Climate Models Indicate Weakening El Niño, 50% Chance Of La Niña Andrew Bernier Mar. 11, 2016
How Phoenix Is Using 'Complete Streets' To Improve Residents' Safety, Health Andrew Bernier Mar. 9, 2016
Despite Strong El Niño, SRP Projects Just Above Average 2016 Spring Runoff Andrew Bernier Mar. 2, 2016