Andrew Bernier joins KJZZ as the Senior Field Correspondent for Science and Innovation with more than a decade of academic and professional experience in scientific research, instruction and broadcasting.

Originally from Connecticut, Bernier studied sustainable development at Ithaca (N.Y.) College where he graduated with an Environmental Studies degree in 2007. He was active in the local green building and renewable energy community, researched native landscaping management and participated in the college radio station WICB as an on-air host and developed a local sustainability reporting show called “Your Impact.” He also served as a weekend music host for commercial radio stations WIII, WXYL and WQNY.

Bernier came to Phoenix in 2008 as part of the Teach for America program to teach middle school science in Glendale. During that time he earned his Master’s degree in Secondary Education focused on Science Instruction at Arizona State University. Bernier also holds standard teaching certificates in General Science, Biology, New and Emerging Technologies and Agriculture. To continue his radio experience, he volunteered as an on-air host and program director for the online community station

Bernier then became the Sustainability Instructor at The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST), a magnet school. He wrote, designed and launched the first comprehensive sustainability program for public high school students in the country.

As part of the program developed at CREST, Bernier used the systems-based curriculum for his doctoral candidacy in Sustainability Education from Prescott College. With his doctoral work and connections to STEM organizations, Bernier has developed a strong network with science and technology in the Valley.

Outside of science and radio, Bernier can most likely be found working on his dissertation at any local coffee shop. When he can, he gets out to hike, camp and meander outdoors with his dog Moxie, dabble in landscape photography and perform in local improvisational comedy theater.

Title Author Publication Date
ADEQ Expects No Noticeable Change In Arizona Water Quality After Mine Spill Andrew Bernier August 18, 2015
Arizona Agencies Prepare To Test Incoming Contaminated Water, Consider Long-Term Effects Andrew Bernier August 11, 2015
CAP Official: Mine Contaminants Likely Won't Affect Arizona Water Supply Andrew Bernier August 11, 2015
ASU Research Reveals How Bees Vaccinate Their Babies Andrew Bernier August 04, 2015
‘Rare’ Blue Moon Happening July 31 Andrew Bernier July 29, 2015
New Horizons Space Probe To Make Closest Pluto Approach Tuesday Morning Andrew Bernier July 10, 2015
ASU Report Refutes Popular Trillion Smells Study Andrew Bernier July 07, 2015
Leap Second: Why June 30 Is Longer Than Every Other Day This Year Andrew Bernier June 29, 2015
UA Study: Obesity-Caused Liver Disease Linked To Complications With Diabetes Drug Andrew Bernier June 25, 2015
Meningitis B Vaccination Not Required At Arizona Universities; Committee May Change That Andrew Bernier June 23, 2015
ASU-Built Space Instrument Part Of NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Andrew Bernier June 23, 2015
ASU Researchers Develop Foldable Batteries Andrew Bernier June 19, 2015
NAU Ice Lab Preps For New Pluto Data From New Horizons Space Probe Andrew Bernier June 18, 2015
El Niño Expected to Last Into 2016; May Bring Moisture, Cooler Temps Andrew Bernier June 11, 2015
ASU Professor Takes Part in International Climate Negotiations Andrew Bernier June 08, 2015
Solar Impulse Plane Delays Trans-Pacific Flight Due to Weather, Damage Andrew Bernier June 04, 2015
ASU Partners With Argonne National Laboratory For Research Andrew Bernier June 04, 2015
City of Phoenix Invests Into Northern Arizona Forests Andrew Bernier May 29, 2015
Report: Taller Trees At Greater Risk From Climate Change Andrew Bernier May 26, 2015
ASU Service Connects Biologists To Questions From Around The World Andrew Bernier May 26, 2015
Study: Cold-Blooded Animals May Struggle To Adapt To Climate Change Andrew Bernier May 21, 2015
Phoenix-Area Mentors Focus On Young Women Interested In STEAM Careers Andrew Bernier May 11, 2015
TGen Partnership Study Advances Research On Often-Fatal Brain Tumor Andrew Bernier May 04, 2015
Arizona Partnership Opens Door For Food-Borne Illness Vaccine Andrew Bernier April 30, 2015
How An Old Mesa Pool Became A Garden And An International Nonprofit Andrew Bernier April 28, 2015