Steve Goldstein photoAs the host of KJZZ’s local edition of Here and Now, Steve Goldstein‘s main objective is to moderate discussions that are intelligent and productive. 

While the show provides an open forum for guests and listeners, there’s one simple rule for all participants: the discourse must be civil.

Goldstein, who has been hosting the show since 2006, understands it’s not about him or his opinion.  It’s about giving others the chance to hear from a variety of guests with diverse viewpoints beyond the 15-second sound bite.

Whether it’s the Governor, state legislators, a nationally acclaimed author on a book tour, an expert geneticist or underwater sea explorer, Goldstein does his homework to make sure he’s prepared to ask the right questions and ultimately encourage guests to reveal what listeners want to know.

A self-described political junkie, Goldstein’s bookshelves are full of biographies of the state’s famous and infamous politicians. That love of learning started early on but is not exclusive to politics. He says he’s “always been inquisitive.”

When he’s not working on the next edition of Here and Now, Goldstein hosts weekday afternoon programs.

Among his proudest achievements is bringing home a Public Radio News Directors, Inc. award for Best Public Affairs Program.  Goldstein also shared a PRNDI regional Edward R. Murrow award with KJZZ Reporter Mark Brodie for their investigation into the practice of ticket scalping during Arizona Cardinals games. He also has a number of Associated Press awards for feature and sports reporting.

Goldstein’s work also includes guest hosting Arizona Horizon, a public-affairs show on Eight, Arizona PBS.  He also contributes feature stories to Arizona Highways and Phoenix Magazine.

Goldstein joined the KJZZ news team as a part-time weekend host in 1997 and became a full-time host and reporter in 1999.  Prior to his career with KJZZ, Goldstein served as the host of a weekly sports talk show, Inside the Game.

Goldstein and his wife, Deanne Poulos live in Scottsdale with their Dalmatian Trudi and playful kitty Betty.

Contact Steve Goldstein at 480-774-8235 or


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