Title Author Publication Date
Mom Who Left Kids In Car For Job Interview Avoids Prosecution Dennis Lambert July 18, 2014
Mom Who Left Kids In Car For Job Interview Avoids Prosecution Dennis Lambert July 18, 2014
Homeless Man Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Priest Dennis Lambert July 17, 2014
Forest Officals To Hold Public Meetings On Thinning Dennis Lambert July 15, 2014
Repairs To US 89 Will Begin Later This Month Dennis Lambert July 14, 2014
Modest Results Will Curb Mexico Repatriation Program Dennis Lambert July 11, 2014
Something Tickles: Live Parrots Smuggled In Elmo Doll Dennis Lambert July 10, 2014
Tucson PD Actions Deemed Appropriate Following Basketball Ruckus Dennis Lambert July 03, 2014
Prescott Will Challenge Retirement Benefit Ruling For Hotshot Family Dennis Lambert July 02, 2014
Feds: Wild Horse Removal Can't Be Accelerated Dennis Lambert June 26, 2014
New System Causes Some Drivers To Get Incorrect Photo On License Dennis Lambert June 25, 2014
More Than 60 Arrests In Statewide Prostitution Sting Dennis Lambert June 24, 2014
Decline Of Private Sector Jobs KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Maricopa County's First Heat-Related Death Of The Year KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Wildfire In Coronado National Forest KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Commercial Flight From Phoenix Target Of Laser Strike Dennis Lambert June 20, 2014
Board Of Regents Approves New NAU President Dennis Lambert June 18, 2014
SRP To Buy More Geothermal Energy From California Dennis Lambert June 17, 2014
MVD Changes Aimed At Preventing Identity Theft Dennis Lambert June 16, 2014
State Wants Input About Drivng Through Dust Storms Dennis Lambert June 13, 2014
Flight Diverted To Phoenix For Unruly Passenger Dennis Lambert June 11, 2014
Former ASU QB Settles Likeness Lawsuit With NCAA Dennis Lambert June 09, 2014
U Of A Apologizes For Graduation Issues Dennis Lambert May 29, 2014
Community College District Approves Tax Hike Dennis Lambert May 28, 2014
Vigil, Memorial Planned For Fallen Salt River Officer Dennis Lambert May 27, 2014