Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Bennett Almost Ready To Announce Run For Governor September 20, 2013
Beware Of Cyber Monday Scam Artists Dennis Lambert December 02, 2013
Beware Of Scammers When Registering Your Vehicle Dennis Lambert November 28, 2013
Beware Of Speed Trap When Driving To Las Vegas Dennis Lambert February 14, 2014
Big Weather Changes Coming To The Valley Dennis Lambert October 29, 2014
Bighorn Lambs Spotted Near Tucson Dennis Lambert February 12, 2014
Bighorn Sheep Released In Santa Catalina Mountains Dies Dennis Lambert December 02, 2013
Bill Allowing Surprise Inspections Of Abortion Clinics Moves Forward Dennis Lambert February 28, 2014
Bill Allows For Removal Of Endangered Wolves Suspected Of Attacking Cattle Dennis Lambert February 04, 2014
Bill Banning Assisted Suicide Moves On To Senate Rules Committee Dennis Lambert March 18, 2014
Bill Could Force Logging On Public Forestland September 20, 2013
Bill Could Limit Media Access To Autopsy Photos, Information Dennis Lambert January 27, 2014
Bill Creates Farm Animal Exemption In Animal Abuse Laws Dennis Lambert March 11, 2014
Bill Limiting Lobbyist Gifts Moves To Floor Of State Senate Dennis Lambert January 24, 2014
Bill Makes Stealing Someone’s Gun An Aggravated Assault Dennis Lambert March 14, 2014
Bill Requires Judge's Approval For Release Of Autopsy Photos And Video Dennis Lambert January 20, 2014
Bill Requires Reauthorization Of Ballot Measures Dennis Lambert March 12, 2014
Bill seeking to restrict school isolation rooms wins preliminary approval February 26, 2013
Bill Targets 'Dark Money' In Campaign Finance Dennis Lambert February 10, 2014
Bill Targets Arizona Law-Enforcement Officers Accused Of Sexual Assault Dennis Lambert March 12, 2015
Bill Would Ban Teen Drivers From Cell Phone Use Dennis Lambert February 21, 2014
Bill Would Deny Welfare To Drug Offenders Dennis Lambert February 21, 2014
Bill Would Make Forwarding Nude Photos A Felony Dennis Lambert February 07, 2014
Bill Would Permit Spending $500,000 On Memorial For Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots Dennis Lambert February 18, 2014
Bill Would Repeal Election Law Reforms Dennis Lambert February 11, 2014