Title Author Publication Date
Flood Closed Town Of Clifton For Several Hours On Sunday September 16, 2013
TUSD Adds Motivation Test To Admissions Process For UHS September 16, 2013
Authorities Stress Importance Of Child Car Seats September 16, 2013
Small Business Loans To Help With Yarnell Fire Damage September 16, 2013
Arizona Wildfires Less Destructive Than Average This Year September 13, 2013
Measure Allows For Greater Amounts Of Campaign Funding September 13, 2013
New App Allows Users To Join In Search For Child Predators September 13, 2013
Gas Prices Up, But Likely To Fall Again September 13, 2013
Charges Pending Against Four Teens Responsible For Damaged Flagstaff Aviation Tower September 11, 2013
Emergency Equipment At Mesa Gas Station Limits Fire September 11, 2013
Coconino County Man Recovering From Boulder Crushing September 11, 2013
Arizonans Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary September 11, 2013
Arizona Petition Could Affect Public Employee Pensions September 10, 2013
Effort To Block Medicaid Expansion May Be Insufficient September 10, 2013
Pinal County Sheriff Says Pinal County Board Of Supervisors Is Hiring Criminals September 09, 2013
Election Law Key Provisions Targeting Homeowners Associations To Be Stripped Out September 09, 2013
Obama Needs To Make A Strong Case For US Military Action, According To McCain September 09, 2013
Report: Arizona's Economy Is Showing Signs Of Life September 09, 2013
Sweat Lodge Ceremony Conviction To Stand September 09, 2013
Police Treating Teen?s Death As Homicide September 06, 2013
Undocumented Immigrant Rescued By The Office Of Air and Marine After Fall September 06, 2013
Average State Gas Prices Considerably Less Than National Average September 06, 2013
Town Hall Attendees Overwhelmingly Against Syria Attacks September 06, 2013
Colorado River Fundraising Drive Planned For This Weekend September 06, 2013
Tucson Electric Looking To Diversify Power Sources September 05, 2013