Title Author Publication Date
Private Donations And State Funds Are Unable To Reopen Grand Canyon October 04, 2013
U of A To Renovate One Of Arizona's Oldest Public Buildings October 03, 2013
Board To Oversee The Distribution Of Property In Warren Jeffs' Sect October 02, 2013
AARP Wants Method For Calculating Cost-Of-Living To Remain The Same October 02, 2013
Arizona’s Military Installation In Partial Shutdown October 02, 2013
Court Of Appeals Approves Public Education Funding Vouchers October 02, 2013
Brewer: Both Sides To Blame For Shutdown October 02, 2013
Phoenix International Raceway Celebrates 50th Anniversary Next Year October 02, 2013
Shutdown Could Delay American Airlines-US Airways Merger October 01, 2013
State Parks Prepare For Influx Of Visitors October 01, 2013
Arizonans Reduced Driving By 9 Percent Per Person October 01, 2013
Reward For Information On Javelina Poaching October 01, 2013
New Website Design Spares Some Users Trips To MVD October 01, 2013
Raid At Phoenix Janitorial Business Results In 20 Arrests For Identity Theft October 01, 2013
Bedbugs Found At U Of A Library September 30, 2013
Climate In Arizona Warming Faster Than Other States September 30, 2013
Commercial Real Estate Market Improving Slower Than Residential Housing Market September 30, 2013
New Website Helps Arizonans Understand Health Care Options September 30, 2013
Hispanic Teens Raft Colorado River to Understand Challenges, Importance September 30, 2013
Fire Crews Cut Down Trees In West Valley To Fight Brush Fire September 30, 2013
Former Arizona Gaming Director To Challenge Horne For Attorney General September 27, 2013
Phoenix Chief Financial Officer To Move To Washington, D.C. September 26, 2013
Lawmakers Acted Illegally When Refusing To Adjust Public School Aid, Says Arizona Supreme Court September 26, 2013
Arizona Home Sales Volume Decreases, Home Prices Increase September 26, 2013
Task Forces Makes New Recommendation For Combating Sex Trafficking September 26, 2013