Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Attorney General's Office Warns Consumers Of New Scam Dennis Lambert November 26, 2015
Arizona Board Of Regents Rejects Tuition Proposal Dennis Lambert November 22, 2013
Arizona Borrows $200 Million To Privately Pay Off Federal Debt September 17, 2013
Arizona Bracing For More Rain Dennis Lambert September 17, 2014
Arizona Campaign Encourages Safe Sex Among Holiday Partners Dennis Lambert December 31, 2013
Arizona Can Look To Florida As CPS Model Dennis Lambert January 20, 2014
Arizona Carries Out First Of Two October Executions October 09, 2013
Arizona Casinos Generated $1.8 Billion In 2012 Dennis Lambert March 26, 2014
Arizona Chamber Of Commerce Calls On Officials To End Shutdown October 07, 2013
Arizona Charter Schools Want More State Aid Dennis Lambert December 02, 2013
Arizona Congressmen Weigh In On Iraq Dennis Lambert February 07, 2014
Arizona Corporation Commission Ruled Against In Renewable Energy Decision July 17, 2013
Arizona Defense Spending Fell 18 Percent In 2014 Dennis Lambert October 08, 2015
Arizona DPS Officers Get Special Training To Help Missing, Exploited Kids Dennis Lambert April 03, 2015
Arizona E. Coli Victim Recovering After Salad Dennis Lambert November 13, 2013
Arizona electric utilities ranked for solar power production April 19, 2013
Arizona Entourage To Attend Super Bowl For Hosting Tips Dennis Lambert January 24, 2014
Arizona Fall League Fires Up, Tests New Rules Dennis Lambert October 07, 2014
Arizona Farm Bureau Federation Wishes A Farm Bill Would Pass Dennis Lambert November 28, 2013
Arizona Farm Bureau: Cost Of Food Could Continue To Rise In 2015 Dennis Lambert January 02, 2015
Arizona Federal Voter Lawsuit To Be Heard In December Dennis Lambert October 31, 2013
Arizona Foreclosure Filings Down Again In October Dennis Lambert November 14, 2013
Arizona Game And Fish Investigates Death Of Spike Bull Elk Dennis Lambert November 27, 2013
Arizona Game And Fish To Make Adjustments To Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction Dennis Lambert February 25, 2014
Arizona Gas Prices Close To 3-Year Low Dennis Lambert October 24, 2014