Dennis Lambert

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Title Author Publication Date
Yuma County Loses Appeal Over Marijuana Seizure Dennis Lambert March 31, 2014
Yavapai County GOP Celebrating Goldwater Anniversary Dennis Lambert September 02, 2014
Workplace safety and the threat of violence February 01, 2013
Workers Suffer Electrical Burns Dennis Lambert November 13, 2013
Woods Watch To Train Wildfire Spotters Dennis Lambert April 09, 2014
Woman Steals Credit Card From Mailbox Dennis Lambert November 01, 2013
Woman Recovers After Javelina Attack September 02, 2013
Woman dies while hiking Grand Canyon July 02, 2013
Woman Arrested For Allegedly Giving Drugs To Inmate Dennis Lambert November 06, 2013
With Marriage Issue Decided, What's Next For Gay Rights In Arizona? Dennis Lambert October 21, 2014
Winter Storm Expected To Slowly Move Across State Dennis Lambert February 28, 2014
Winter rains could produce dry grass for fire season March 20, 2013
Winners, losers of Super Bowl ads February 04, 2013
Williams Declares Level Four Water Crisis Dennis Lambert March 05, 2014
Wildfire Season Season Ending In Coconinco National Forest Dennis Lambert September 29, 2014
Wildfire risk shifts through summer season March 25, 2013
Wildfire in southern Ariz. stopped, but concerns rise March 19, 2013
Wildfire In Coronado National Forest KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Wildfire expert discusses the Gladiator Fire May 17, 2012
Wilderness Society Honors Arizona Federal Land Managers Dennis Lambert December 23, 2013
Wild Horses Up For Adoption As Groups Seek Solution To Large Horse Population Dennis Lambert January 24, 2014
Wild Burros Shot Near Lake Pleasant Dennis Lambert January 30, 2014
Why did the governor call a special session? June 12, 2013
Whooping Cough Outbreak Hits Colorado City July 30, 2013
Whiting Fire In Eastern Arizona Rare For Late October Dennis Lambert October 30, 2013