carrieCarrie Jung began her public radio career in Albuquerque, N.M., where she fell in love with the diverse cultural scene and unique political environment of the Southwest.

Jung has been heard on KJZZ since 2013 when she served as a regular contributor to the Fronteras Desk from KUNM Albuquerque. She covered several of major stories there including New Mexico's Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and Albuquerque's failed voter initiative to ban late-term abortions.

Jung has also contributed stories about environmental and Native American issues to NPR's Morning Edition, PRI's The World, Al Jazeera America, WNYC's The Takeaway, and National Native News.

She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in marketing, both from Clemson University.

When Jung isn't producing content for KJZZ she can usually be found buried beneath mounds of fabric and quilting supplies. She recently co-authored a book, "Sweet And Simple Sewing," with her mother and sister, who are fabric designers.

Title Author Publication Date
Civil Rights Groups Voice Concerns Over 2020 Census Updates Carrie Jung November 24, 2014
Clean Elections Commission Agrees To Sign Settlement With Tom Horne Carrie Jung November 20, 2014
Coconino County Bans Use, Sale Of Fireworks Carrie Jung April 25, 2014
Coconino National Forest Sells Out Of Christmas Tree Permits Carrie Jung December 02, 2014
Community Voices Opinions On Salt River Project’s Proposed Rate Increase Carrie Jung February 09, 2015
Conservation Group Tests Forest Thinning Computer Program Carrie Jung May 26, 2014
Court Officially Dismisses 30-Year-Old Mental Health Class Action Suit Carrie Jung September 22, 2014
Court Requires AZ To Recognize Same Sex Couple's Marriage Carrie Jung September 12, 2014
Customs And Border Protection Launches Border Wait Time App Carrie Jung December 18, 2014
Customs And Border Protection Launches Passport Control App Carrie Jung August 11, 2014
DEA Launches Text-Based Anonymous Tip System Carrie Jung October 22, 2014
Demolition Continues On Elevation Chandler Carrie Jung November 21, 2014
Demolition Prep Begins On Homes In Loop 202 Extension Path Carrie Jung August 26, 2015
Director: Progress Being Made At Phoenix VA Hospital Carrie Jung March 11, 2015
DPS Officers Join Rush Hour Team At ADOT Traffic Operations Center Carrie Jung October 29, 2014
Drought Pushes Arizona Game And Fish To Improve Efficiency Of Trout Stocking Carrie Jung August 03, 2015
Ducey Aministration To Propose Major Changes To Arizona Medicaid Program Carrie Jung August 03, 2015
Ducey Implements Moratorium On New Rulemaking By State Agencies Carrie Jung January 06, 2015
DUI Arrest Rate Down In 2014 Carrie Jung December 26, 2014
Earth To Reach Closest Point To The Sun For The Year Carrie Jung January 02, 2015
East Coast Storm Impacts Some Travelers At Sky Harbor Carrie Jung January 26, 2015
Economists Say Arizona Job Growth Will Be In Mostly Low-Paying Jobs KJZZ News February 27, 2015
Education And Social Service Officials Protest New State Budget Carrie Jung March 06, 2015
Environmentalists Cautiously Optimistic About Four-Forest Initiative Carrie Jung May 21, 2014
Experts: Hot Summer Temperatures Mean Worse Phoenix Air Quality Carrie Jung April 30, 2015