carrieCarrie Jung began her public radio career in Albuquerque, N.M., where she fell in love with the diverse cultural scene and unique political environment of the Southwest.

Jung has been heard on KJZZ since 2013 when she served as a regular contributor to the Fronteras Desk from KUNM Albuquerque. She covered several of major stories there including New Mexico's Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and Albuquerque's failed voter initiative to ban late-term abortions.

Jung has also contributed stories about environmental and Native American issues to NPR's Morning Edition, PRI's The World, Al Jazeera America, WNYC's The Takeaway, and National Native News.

She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in marketing, both from Clemson University.

When Jung isn't producing content for KJZZ she can usually be found buried beneath mounds of fabric and quilting supplies. She recently co-authored a book, "Sweet And Simple Sewing," with her mother and sister, who are fabric designers.

Title Author Publication Date
Hopi Tribe Loses Another Legal Fight In Push For Clean Drinking Water Carrie Jung April 03, 2015
Water Managers Say Water Restriction Are Not In Central Arizona's Near Future Carrie Jung April 02, 2015
Mesa City Council Members Discuss Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Carrie Jung April 01, 2015
Pinto Valley Copper Mine To See Cut To Salaried Workforce Carrie Jung April 01, 2015
Phoenix Food Tax Expires Carrie Jung April 01, 2015
Game And Fish To Lethally Remove Some Coyotes Near Phoenix Next Week Carrie Jung March 30, 2015
Medical Marijuana Researcher Closer To Beginning Study In Arizona Carrie Jung March 27, 2015
Municipal ID Plan OK'd By Phoenix City Council Subcommittee Carrie Jung March 26, 2015
VA Expands Distance Requirements For Veterans Choice Program Carrie Jung March 24, 2015
Law Makes It Harder For Arizona Homeowners To Sue Builders Carrie Jung March 24, 2015
New Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services Director Appointed Carrie Jung March 24, 2015
Tucson Considers Camping Ban On Sidewalks, Public Parks Carrie Jung March 18, 2015
Interior Department Announces Energy Priorities Carrie Jung March 17, 2015
Certification Status For Arizona School Teachers Now Online Carrie Jung March 16, 2015
Shanesha Taylor Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse Charge Carrie Jung March 16, 2015
Arizona Senators, Veteran Organizations React To President Obama's Visit To Phoenix VA Alexandra Olgin March 13, 2015
Veteran Service Organizations Plan Roundtable Discussion With President Obama Carrie Jung March 12, 2015
Director: Progress Being Made At Phoenix VA Hospital Carrie Jung March 11, 2015
Arizona Copper Industry Weathers Falling Prices Carrie Jung March 10, 2015
Education And Social Service Officials Protest New State Budget Carrie Jung March 06, 2015
MMR Vaccination Rates Jump In Arizona Carrie Jung March 02, 2015
Sky Harbor To Begin Construction Inside Terminal 3 Carrie Jung March 02, 2015
Economists Say Arizona Job Growth Will Be In Mostly Low-Paying Jobs KJZZ News February 27, 2015
BIA Announces Updates To Indian Child Welfare Act Guidelines Carrie Jung February 26, 2015
Maricopa Community College District To Consider Set Of Course Fee Changes Carrie Jung February 24, 2015