Carrie Jung

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Title Author Publication Date
Indian Country Today Media Network To Cease Active Operations Carrie Jung September 04, 2017
Some Immigrant Advocacy Groups Say Ending DACA Is The Push Congress Needs To Pass Immigration Reform Carrie Jung September 04, 2017
President Trump Heading To Phoenix In Politically Tense Visit Carrie Jung August 22, 2017
Arizona DREAMers Celebrate DACA Policy's 5th Anniversary Carrie Jung August 16, 2017
Is Arizona's Mexican American Studies Ban Unconstitutional? Federal Judge Expected To Weigh In Soon Carrie Jung August 16, 2017
Florence Library And Community Center Flooded During Monsoon Storms Carrie Jung August 15, 2017
Mandarin Chinese Immersion Programs Grow In Popularity Among Valley Public Schools Carrie Jung August 14, 2017
New Public Access To Petition Validation Draws Criticism From Some Groups Carrie Jung August 11, 2017
ABOR Says They Aren't Concerned About Lawsuit Threats Over DREAMer Tuition Decision KJZZ News August 11, 2017
ACLU: Minority Students Suspended At Higher Rates In Arizona Carrie Jung August 10, 2017
New Arizona School Voucher Law On Hold As Group Submits Petition Signatures Carrie Jung August 08, 2017
Phoenix Homeless Shelter Works To Repair Rooms After Flood Damage Carrie Jung August 08, 2017
Arizona School Districts Uncertain Of Details In New Performance Pay Plan KJZZ News August 07, 2017
Study: During Recession, 2-Year College Students Are Most At Risk Of Food Insecurity Carrie Jung August 01, 2017
Large-Scale Solar Farm Opens On Navajo Nation Carrie Jung July 31, 2017
New School Opening In Buckeye Elementary School District Carrie Jung July 31, 2017
Chandler Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against 2 Hamilton High School Officials Carrie Jung July 25, 2017
Arizona Hikers Stranded By Flooding Are Rescued KJZZ News July 24, 2017
DACA Students Can Continue Getting In-State Tuition At Public Universities, For Now Carrie Jung June 29, 2017
Tourism On Tribal Land Sees Rapid Growth Post Recession Carrie Jung June 29, 2017
MCCCD Governing Board Votes To Appeal Ruling On DACA Student Tuition Carrie Jung June 28, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Asks Solicitor General For More Information On Arizona's DACA Licenses Case KJZZ News June 26, 2017
ASU Pilot Project Aims To Make Science And Math More Accessible Through Language Carrie Jung June 26, 2017
Arizona Schools See Slight Increase In International Students In 2017 Carrie Jung June 23, 2017
Arizona Appeals Court: DREAMers Not Eligible For In-State Tuition KJZZ News June 20, 2017