Annika Cline

Producer - The Show

Annika Cline was born in Germany, raised in California and transplanted to Arizona. She studied at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Cline produces and reports for KJZZ’s original production, The Show, covering stories from all corners of the Valley as well as bringing listeners a slice of their own community in the weekly Sounds of the City series.

Cline also volunteers as an art instructor for foster youths and their families.

Title Author Publication Date
'Musical Mapmaking' Event Encourages People To Interpret Music Through Art Annika Cline August 20, 2015
Iceberg Size Of Delaware Breaks Off Antarctica Ice Shelf Annika Cline July 12, 2017
Mesa Swim School Sets Aside Time For Muslim Women To Swim Privately Annika Cline June 09, 2017
Sounds Of The City: Inside Harmon Library In Phoenix Annika Cline April 16, 2015
‘The Secret Is, There’s No Secret:’ Pizza Maker Chris Bianco On His New Cookbook Annika Cline August 10, 2017
‘Wings of Freedom’ Pilots Fly WWII Bomber Planes Around Country Annika Cline April 14, 2016
'Charm' A Tough Quality To Measure On Tempe's Mill Avenue Annika Cline June 02, 2016
'Dancing With The Sun City Stars' Pairs Professional Dancers With Sun City Residents Annika Cline March 27, 2015
'Phoenix Loves Sci-Fi' Film Event Celebrates Arizona Scenery In The Movies Annika Cline July 02, 2015
'Sonder:' ASU Art Students Give Meaning To Made-Up Word Annika Cline March 25, 2016
103-Year-Old Arizonan Reflects On Women’s Right To Vote Annika Cline August 18, 2017
124-Foot-Tall Prescott Home For Sale Exists Thanks To ‘Creative’ Read Of City Code Annika Cline April 06, 2017
A Look Through Food Arizonans Donated During The Holidays Annika Cline December 29, 2016
A Scary Stay: Opera Writer And Composer Visit Haunted Bisbee Hotel That Inspired Their Work Annika Cline October 24, 2016
A Turn For The Better: Ballet Class Helps Parkinson’s Patients Connect Mind And Body Annika Cline August 01, 2016
Abandoned Easter Pets Ruffle Arizona Rescues' Feathers Annika Cline March 24, 2016
Amazing Acro-Cats Perform To Show Training Cats is Paw-sible Annika Cline February 26, 2016
American Airlines Moves Terminals, Next Step In Merger Annika Cline February 26, 2014
Amid Jokes And Groans About Slowness, Arizona’s MVD Cuts Down Wait Times, Hits Record Annika Cline January 15, 2018
Anti-Bully Apps Only As Helpful As Those Who Download Them Annika Cline May 27, 2016
Arizona Artist Adds Personal And Puzzling Touch To Paintings Annika Cline May 12, 2016
Arizona Biologists Armed With Giant Nets Capture Bats To Help Save Them Annika Cline September 27, 2017
Arizona Dairy Farm Uses Cow Pedometers To Improve Milk Production Annika Cline June 11, 2015
Arizona Neon Signs Take Treasured Place In History Annika Cline October 13, 2015
Arizona Nonprofit Joy Bus Cooks Meals To Help Cancer Patients Annika Cline November 06, 2015