Title Author Publication Date
Flagstaff Ordiance Could Stop The Feeding Of Wildlife August 12, 2013
Flooded Phoenix Church Prepares For Sunday Service Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 12, 2014
Former Navajo Nation President Cleared Of Misconduct Claims Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 07, 2014
Four Arizona Schools Among National Blue Ribbon Recipients Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 19, 2013
Game and Fish Seeks Info On Elk Poaching Cases Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 11, 2014
Gas prices falling in Arizona June 22, 2012
Getting A Glimpse Of The Improved Echo Canyon Trail Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 07, 2014
Gilbert to host town hall in wake of murder-suicide May 10, 2012
Gladiator Fire completely contained June 13, 2012
Glendale could slash $6 million, 64 jobs from budget January 08, 2013
Glendale political candidates weigh in on Coyotes deal July 02, 2012
Google To Invest In Solar Farm In Arizona Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 15, 2013
Gov. Brewer Orders Common Core Get A New Name September 20, 2013
Graduation rate increases, but Southwest is below national average June 06, 2013
Greywater System Rebate Part Of Tempe Conservation Program Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 15, 2014
Grijalva and legislators urge interior secretary to revamp mustang program June 21, 2013
Group Makes Last Push For Voter Registration Before Deadline Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez October 06, 2014
Hayden Flour Mill grounds will be open to the public May 21, 2012
HB2508 Navigator Bill Heads To The Senate Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 20, 2014
Health officials monitoring local connection to meningitis outbreak October 30, 2012
Higley school district includes parents in safety talks February 26, 2013
Hispanic population in last 10 years accounts for half of U.S. growth June 19, 2013
Homeless court expands throughout Maricopa County February 11, 2013
Host Committee Proud of Super Bowl Outcome Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 02, 2015
In His Own Words: The Life And Legacy Of Former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez April 10, 2015