Title Author Publication Date
Did You Know: USS Arizona Had A Long Service Before Pearl Harbor Attack Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez June 19, 2015
Did You Know: University Of Arizona Band Performed At The First Super Bowl Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 31, 2014
Did You Know: Thunderbird School In Glendale Was WWII Training Base Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 17, 2015
Did You Know: There Is An Aeolian-Skinner Organ At Gammage September 27, 2013
Did You Know: The Word 'Ahwatukee' Has No Meaning Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 10, 2015
Did You Know: The Mountain Vault Stores Data In A Mountain Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 08, 2016
Did You Know: The History Behind Tempe's Rose Eisendrath House Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 04, 2015
Did You Know: The Fountain Hills Namesake Is Among The World's Largest Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez April 18, 2014
Did You Know: The 'House Of The Future' Was Built In Ahwatukee Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 31, 2015
Did You Know: Territory Times Medical Care Included Bleeding Patients Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 13, 2015
Did You Know: Territorial Insane Asylum Caused Tension Between Cities Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 28, 2014
Did You Know: Territorial Cup Is Not A Rivalry Trophy Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 22, 2014
Did You Know: Tempe Was Home To Arizona State Tuberculosis Sanatorium Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 04, 2015
Did You Know: Sunnyslope Was Once An Area For The Sick Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 12, 2014
Did You Know: Steinegger Building Is Among Phoenix's Oldest Commercial Buildings Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 19, 2016
Did You Know: State Archives Building Among Most Secure Government Facilities In Arizona Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez April 24, 2015
Did You Know: St. Mary's Basilica Is The Oldest Catholic Church In Phoenix Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 15, 2013
Did You Know: Sky Harbor Airport Once Had A Nickname Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 26, 2013
Did You Know: Sharlot Hall Was The First Woman In Territorial Office Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 14, 2014
Did You Know: Scottsdale Airport Was A WWII Aviation Training Base Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 18, 2015
Did You Know: Schreiner's Fine Sausage Shop Has Been In Phoenix Since The 1950s Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez May 01, 2015
Did You Know: Santa Rita Center Is A Place Of Chicano History Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 20, 2015
Did You Know: San Marcos Hotel Was One Of The First Resorts In Arizona Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 31, 2015
Did You Know: San Carlos Hotel Was Hot Spot For Hollywood Stars Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez October 08, 2015
Did You Know: Sacred Heart Church Opens Once A Year For Christmas Service Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 18, 2015