Title Author Publication Date
Size of Latino voting block increases October 02, 2012
Should Priests Own Guns? Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez June 17, 2014
Shawna Forde's Death Sentence Upheld By Arizona Supreme Court Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 17, 2014
Shana Ellis Withdraws From Tempe Council Race Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 05, 2014
Senior community planned for GM Proving Grounds spot November 28, 2012
Sen. John McCain Responds To Censure Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 28, 2014
Sedona Groups Seeks National Monument Designation Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez June 23, 2015
Scottsdale To Vote On Pedal Bus Ordinance Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 25, 2014
Scottsdale still tweaking proposed pedicabs ordinance March 21, 2013
Scottsdale Residents May Vote On $100M Civic Improvement Bond Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez May 29, 2015
Scottsdale City Manager steps down July 03, 2012
Scottsdale City Council to vote on pedicab ordinance April 09, 2013
Scottsdale brush patrol team on the look out July 03, 2013
Scottsdale approves pedicab ordinance, requires driver's licenses April 10, 2013
School Districts Sponsoring New Charter Schools Face Budget Challenges Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez April 21, 2014
School Districts Cope With Funding Measure Election Results Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 08, 2013
Santa Rita Center Recommended For National Historical Park Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez October 25, 2013
Salvation Army Collection Days Shortened In The Valley Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 18, 2013
Rural schools also challenged by education budget cutbacks May 22, 2013
Reptiles Out Early Because Of Warm Winter Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 28, 2014
Report says BLM mishandling western horse, burro population June 05, 2013
Rep. Ed Pastor Endorses Maricopa County Supervisor Wilcox Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 31, 2014
Released latex balloons a threat to southern Arizona animals February 25, 2013
Registered Independent Voter Numbers Increase Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 19, 2014
Recovery Center Offers Help To People Affected By Recent Flooding Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 25, 2014