Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez

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Title Author Publication Date
Did You Know: Mystery Castle Was A Place Built For A Princess Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 01, 2013
Did You Know: Monument Hill Is An Important Arizona Spot Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 13, 2013
Did You Know: Mesa's Nile Theater Was Originally Cooled Using Huge Blocks Of Ice Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez June 05, 2015
Did You Know: Mesa Falcon Field Was A WWII Aviation Training Facility For British Airmen Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez May 29, 2015
Did You Know: MCSO Air Posse Launched In 1941 Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 07, 2014
Did You Know: MCC Rose Garden Is A National Test Site Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 01, 2014
Did You Know: Maricopa County Emergency Management Facility Was Originally A Fall-Out Shelter Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez May 15, 2015
Did You Know: Marcos De Niza Inscription At South Mountain Is Not Real Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 21, 2014
Did You Know: Ladmo Came To Arizona For Baseball Training Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 21, 2014
Did You Know: John Greenway Was A Prominent Arizona Figure Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez April 10, 2015
Did You Know: Jerome Is One Of Arizona's Two National Historic Landmark Districts Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez October 23, 2015
Did You Know: Jerome Grand Hotel Home To Arizona's First Self-Service Otis Elevator Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez May 22, 2015
Did You Know: Japanese Friendship Garden Is A Meditating Place For Phoenicians Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 07, 2013
Did You Know: Japanese Flower Gardens Once A South Phoenix Tourist Attraction Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 06, 2013
Did You Know: It Took Arizona 49 Years To Become A State Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 14, 2014
Did You Know: Isaiah Mays is now at Arlington National Cemetery Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 18, 2014
Did You Know: I-17 Tree Mysteriously Decorated Every Year Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 20, 2013
Did You Know: I-17 Tree Mysteriously Decorated Every Year Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 25, 2014
Did You Know: Hunt's Tomb Pyramid Is In Papago Park August 23, 2013
Did You Know: How Dreamy Draw In Phoenix Got Its Name Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez October 11, 2013
Did You Know: Hohokam Village Helped Shape Phoenix's Water Canal System August 09, 2013
Did You Know: Historic Church Under Renovation For 2015 Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez August 08, 2014
Did You Know: Heritage Square Once Was Block 14 Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 24, 2014
Did You Know: Hayden Road Is Named For Scottsdale Family Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 11, 2015
Did You Know: Hattie B. Rail Named After Arizona First Lady Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 06, 2015