Title Author Publication Date
Bus Union Workers Continue Negotiations Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 05, 2015
Camels are part of Arizona history February 25, 2013
Campaign signs to be removed by Sept. 12 August 30, 2012
Castle Hot Springs Has Been Sold Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 10, 2014
Castle Hot Springs Resort Is Being Auctioned Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez February 11, 2014
CDC Report Shows Rate Of Autism Has Increased Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 27, 2014
Central American Families Surprised When ICE Sends Them To Arizona Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez June 05, 2014
Chandler Unified School District Still Waiting On Election Results Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 07, 2013
Chandler Voters To Get Ballot For Special Election Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 27, 2015
Change of plans in method of upcoming Arizona executions February 27, 2012
Changes Make Pecos Road Better For Ahwatukee Bicyclists Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 30, 2015
City of Phoenix gets a 'D' for spending transparency January 23, 2013
Condor Lead Poisoning Drops To Lowest Number Since 2005 Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez September 30, 2014
Construction of Chicago Cubs stadium begins in Mesa July 11, 2012
County Supervisor on Thomas: 'Justice has been served' April 10, 2012
Court Upholds Most Of Arizona's Ethnic Studies Law Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 07, 2015
Craft breweries selling beer aged with Louisville Sluggers May 24, 2013
Crane Flies To Die Out As We Warm Up Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez March 17, 2015
Cut Your Own Christmas Tree November 23, 2011
Death row inmate execution postponed, Phoenix Catholic clergy attend vigil March 06, 2013
Delegating or distancing? Arpaio says decisions made by senior staff July 25, 2012
Día De Los Muertos Used For Commercialization Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez November 01, 2013
Did You Know: 'A' Mountain Has A Long History Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez July 25, 2014
Did You Know: 10th Cavalry Was The First Black Military Unit In Arizona Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez December 27, 2013
Did You Know: 13th AZ Territorial Legislature Known As Thieving Thirteenth Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez January 30, 2015