Title Publication Date
Arizona State Budget Off To A Slow Start September 25, 2014
Democratic AG Candidate Picks Up Republican Endorsements September 23, 2014
Lawmakers Haven't Paid Schools, Waiting On Court To Overturn Ruling September 23, 2014
Teachers Union Says 500 Positions Unfilled Statewide September 23, 2014
Homeland Security Director Testifies About Southwest Border Terrorist Threats September 23, 2014
Attorneys For Arizona Say Gay Marriage Will Lead To Fewer Straight Marriages September 22, 2014
Thousands Of Residents Need To Prove Citizenship To Maintain Health Insurance September 18, 2014
Man Convicted Of Murder As Minor Released September 16, 2014
Pearce Protestors Challenge County Treasurer September 16, 2014
Report: Border Patrol Agent Housing Project Mishandled September 11, 2014
Green Valley Man Fights For Marriage Recognition As Surviving Spouse September 09, 2014
SRP Cancels Water Deliveries Due To Storm September 09, 2014
Floodwaters Kill Two In Pima, Pinal Counties September 09, 2014
Only 27 Percent Of Arizona Voters Turned Out For Primary Election September 09, 2014
Arizona Storytellers: Michael Weakley September 05, 2014
Different Kind Of Labor The Focus Of Labor Day Protest September 02, 2014
Nearly 60,000 Arizonans Qualify For ACA Special Enrollment September 02, 2014
Labor Day Alcohol Arrests Up From Last Year September 02, 2014
Labor Day Temperatures Warmer Than Average September 01, 2014
McCain Says U.S. Strategy Needed To Deal With Islamist Extremists In Iraq September 01, 2014
Attorneys For Arizona Republicans Ask US Supreme Court To Void Lines Drawn For Legislative Districts August 29, 2014
Arizona Medicaid Expansion Case Goes To State Supreme Court August 27, 2014
Outside Company Picked To Review Two-Hour Execution August 27, 2014
1st Congressional District Race Still Too Close To Call August 27, 2014
Early Ballots Can Be Returned At Polling Places August 26, 2014