Title Author Publication Date
Attorney Asks Court To Let Yarnell Homeowners Sue State September 21, 2016
Colorado Springs Mayor: Don't Legalize Marijuana Like Our State Did September 20, 2016
Arizona Chamber Launches Effort To Kill Proposition 206 September 20, 2016
Arizona's Minimum Wage Will Increase At Least 10 Cents In January September 20, 2016
Ducey Push For Higher Education For Arizona Students Comes Without Extra Funds September 19, 2016
Former Arizona Governor Rose Mofford Dies KJZZ News September 15, 2016
Arizona Court Upholds Ruling To Bar Use Of Cellphone Video KJZZ News September 13, 2016
Dr. Joseph Sirven: The Ransom Note KJZZ News September 12, 2016
Chandler Pharmaceutical Company Gives $500,000 To Anti-Recreational Marijuana Campaign September 08, 2016
Lawsuit: Heritage Academy Charter School Illegally Teaching Religion September 08, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Laura Gómez KJZZ News September 07, 2016
Ducey Won't Take Sides In Battle Between Donald Trump, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake September 07, 2016
Strong Reactions To Donald Trump From Both Sides Of The Border Carrie Jung September 01, 2016
Donald Trump Outlines Plan To Build U.S. Mexico Border Wall, Deport Undocumented Immigrants Carrie Jung August 31, 2016
Arizona Voters Will See Minimum Wage Hike Initiative On November Ballot KJZZ News August 31, 2016
Mexico Readies For Trump's Visit Ahead Of Phoenix Immigration Speech August 31, 2016
Trump To Visit Mexican President Before Immigration Speech Jorge Valencia August 30, 2016
Sen. John McCain, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Early Winners; Primary Results Rolling In KJZZ News August 30, 2016
FBI Investigating Whether Hackers Compromised Arizona's Election Systems KJZZ News August 30, 2016
Prop 205 Opponents Take Fight Against Legalized Pot Measure To Arizona's High Court August 26, 2016
Arizona GOP Training Poll Watchers To Spot Ballot Harvesting August 26, 2016
Opponents Of Minimum Wage Hike Ask Arizona Supreme Court To Block Referendum August 25, 2016
Rivals Negotiate: US Watching Structure Of Current Mexican Underworld After Release Of Drug Lord's Kidnapped Son Lorne Matalon August 22, 2016
Ducey Makes New Board Of Education Appointments After Miller's Resignation August 19, 2016
President Of Arizona Education Board Quits After Long, Ongoing Feud With Schools Chief August 18, 2016