Title Author Publication Date
Road Tripping Along North Dakota’s Oil Bust Alley Emily Guerin, Inside Energy June 01, 2016
Supreme Court Ruling On Arizona Death Penalty Sets Precedent For Others June 01, 2016
US Supreme Court Rules Jurors Need To Know All Alternatives When Sentencing In Death Penalty Cases Phil Latzman May 31, 2016
Dr. Joseph Sirven: The Nurse Practitioner Will See You Now May 31, 2016
Arizona Wants Its Volkswagen Lawsuit Handled In State Courts May 31, 2016
Judge Refuses To Block Law Aimed At Keeping Minor Party Candidates Off Ballot May 30, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Lizbeth Congiusti KJZZ News May 30, 2016
Treasurer DeWit Raising New Legal Questions About Prop 123 May 25, 2016
Judge: Shooting Near Douglas By Border Patrol Justified Nancy Montoya, Arizona Public Media May 24, 2016
'A Nice Start But That's All,' Say Arizona Education Advocates Of Prop 123 May 24, 2016
Pro-Prop 123 Margin Widens, Arizona Treasurer DeWit Won't Concede Yet May 20, 2016
Can Santa Fe’s Housing Puzzle Be Solved? Ed Williams, KUNM May 19, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Kathy Cano-Murillo KJZZ News May 18, 2016
Ducey Releases Utility Regulator Tobin From Conflict Of Interest May 18, 2016
Arizona's New Free Speech Laws An Act Of Give And Take For Protestors May 17, 2016
Arizonans Could Get Last Word On New Campaign Finance Laws May 16, 2016
Obama Administration Orders Deportation Enforcement Andrea Kelly, AZPM May 16, 2016
Bill for Female Pilots' Arlington Burials Sent to Obama Andrea Kelly, AZPM May 13, 2016
Ducey Doesn't Fear Disaster: Vetoes Bill For Gubernatorial Backup May 13, 2016
Ducey Signs New Drone Rules Into Law: Where You Can, And Can't, Fly Them May 12, 2016
Legality Of New Law Blocking Cities From Requiring Employers To Offer Fringe Benefits Questioned May 12, 2016
Dr. Joseph Sirven: It’s In Your Head May 12, 2016
Arizona Secretary Of State: No Authority To Cancel Special Election Over Missed Pamphlets May 11, 2016
New Arizona Gun Law Could Set Stage For Legal Battle Between Cities, Legislature May 11, 2016
Can Inland Checkpoints Stop Border Drug Trafficking? Nancy Montoya, Arizona Public Media May 10, 2016