Title Author Publication Date
ADOT Trains Sonora Officials To Work With 511 Highway Reporting System KJZZ News March 15, 2017
Proposed Arizona Bill Would Ease Access To Coveted Wine And Beer Licenses KJZZ News March 14, 2017
APS Drops Lawsuit To Stop Subpoena Issued By Arizona Corporation Commission KJZZ News March 13, 2017
Dr. Joseph Sirven: Winning The Wrong Lottery KJZZ News March 13, 2017
Attorney Arguing Against Prop 206 Wants Arizona Supreme Court To Reinterpret Constitutional Provision KJZZ News March 10, 2017
The Takeaway: Here's Who Benefits From The ACA Repeal Bill The Takeaway March 09, 2017
Arizona Lawmakers Advance Measure That Encourages Businesses To Allow Guns KJZZ News March 09, 2017
Arizona Disabled Parking Bill Faces Opposition In Senate KJZZ News March 08, 2017
Proposed Arizona Bill Could Change Current Law For Parents Who Fail To Pay Child Support KJZZ News March 08, 2017
DEQ Testing Water Fountains At Older Schools For Lead KJZZ News March 07, 2017
Arizona Gov. Ducey Submits 'Wish List' To Trump Administration KJZZ News March 03, 2017
State Senators Vote To Open Section Of Northwest Arizona To Electronic Billboards KJZZ News March 02, 2017
Proposed Bill Would Allow Arizonans To Fight Unexpected Medical Bills KJZZ News March 02, 2017
Arizona Senators Approve Exemptions To Shannon's Law KJZZ News March 02, 2017
Arizona Senate Rejects Bill That Would Allow Guns In Public Buildings KJZZ News March 01, 2017
Arizona Senators Vote To Extend Time For Businesses Fix ADA Violations KJZZ News March 01, 2017
Arizona Leaders' Reactions To Trump's Joint Session Of Congress Speech KJZZ News March 01, 2017
Arizona House Votes To Forbid Jail Officials From Releasing Immigrants That Authorities Want Held KJZZ News February 24, 2017
Arizona House Approves Measures That Could Curb Voter Rights KJZZ News February 24, 2017
Immigrant Rights Group Calls On Arizona Sen. Flake To Take A Stand Against Trump's Immigration Policy KJZZ News February 23, 2017
Arizona Lawmakers Push To Consolidate Local Elections With Statewide Races KJZZ News February 22, 2017
Arizona Capitol Building Air Quality Giving Headaches To House Democrats KJZZ News February 20, 2017
Arizona Voters May Get Second Chance To Legalize Marijuana In 2018 Elections KJZZ News February 17, 2017
Arizona Abortion Bill Moves To Full Senate KJZZ News February 16, 2017
Border Patrol Finds Catapult Attached To Mexican Side Of Border Fence KJZZ News February 15, 2017