Title Author Publication Date
Arizona GOP Chairman Says Like Him Or Not, It's Time For Trump KJZZ News May 05, 2016
Arizona Bid For Guns In Public Buildings Could Be Over May 05, 2016
Arizona Passes Spending Package, But What About Education Funding? May 04, 2016
KidsCare Insurance For Poor Children Doesn't Make Cut Onto Arizona Budget May 04, 2016
Arizona Very Close To Seven-Seat Supreme Court KJZZ News May 03, 2016
After Weeks Of Delays, Arizona Lawmakers Expected To Start Voting On Budget May 03, 2016
Dueling Solar Intiatives Withdrawn As The Future Of Arizona's Solar Industry Remains Up In The Air April 29, 2016
Lawmakers Work Overtime To Restore Eduction Cuts As Part Of State Budget KJZZ News April 29, 2016
Arizona Storytellers: Dennis Wagner KJZZ News April 29, 2016
Republicans Make Moves To Use State Funds To Help Charter Schools Borrow More For Less April 28, 2016
Veggies In Cattle Country: Leading Texas Hospital Now Promoting Plant-Based Diet Lorne Matalon April 28, 2016
Challengers Begin Making Case Against Arizona Presidential Preference Election Results April 26, 2016
Arizona Republican Spending Plan Includes $26 Million In Tax Breaks April 26, 2016
Proposed Arizona Budget Restores Some Education Funding, With A Catch April 26, 2016
Nogales Kmart To Close In July; Worries About Economic Impact Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media April 26, 2016
US Energy Treadmill: Southwest Oil Production Rising Despite Downturn Lorne Matalon April 25, 2016
Arizona's Presidential Delegates To Be Finalized This Weekend KJZZ News April 25, 2016
Ducey Not Concerned About Report Predicting Growth Of Jobs Requiring No Formal Education April 25, 2016
Ducey Could Support Ballot Measure To Boost Minimum Wage April 25, 2016
Lawmakers Offer To Give To Charity In Last Ditch Effort To Pass High-Interest Loans KJZZ News April 22, 2016
Arizona Eyes Stiffer Penalty For Political Protestors After Trump Road Block KJZZ News April 22, 2016
Robrt Pela: Review Of 'Wonderland Wives' At Nearly Naked Theatre April 22, 2016
Arizona Lawmakers Move To Repeal Two Controversial Abortion Laws, Sort Of April 21, 2016
Arizona Presidential Primary Lawsuit Could Hinge On Who's Really At Fault April 20, 2016
Proposal Would Up Minimum Number Of Polling Places To Avoid Another Voting Fiasco KJZZ News April 19, 2016