Alexandra Olgin

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Academic Review Finds Abortion Reversal Study Incomplete Alexandra Olgin Jul. 15, 2015
State Treasurers Oppose Ducey's Plan To Fund Education With State Land Trust Alexandra Olgin Jul. 14, 2015
Department Of Corrections Delays Bids For New Medium-Security Beds Alexandra Olgin Jul. 13, 2015
Medicare Rule Proposes Paying Doctors To Have End-Of-Life Care Discussions Alexandra Olgin Jul. 9, 2015
More Inmates Moved From Kingman Prison Alexandra Olgin Jul. 9, 2015
Multiple Investigations Surrounding The State Prison In Kingman Alexandra Olgin Jul. 7, 2015
New Arizona Law Allows Lab Tests Without Doctor's Order Alexandra Olgin Jul. 6, 2015
Feds Deny Wild Horses Endangered Species Protection Alexandra Olgin, Associated Press Jul. 2, 2015
Independent Audit Highlights Problems At Arizona Department Of Child Safety Alexandra Olgin Jun. 30, 2015
Court To Decide If Glendale To Pay Arizona Coyotes Quarterly Installment Alexandra Olgin Jun. 29, 2015
Judge To Decide Whether To Dismiss Arizona Board Of Education Lawsuit Alexandra Olgin Jun. 26, 2015
Court Hears Case Between Diane Douglas And Arizona Board Of Education Alexandra Olgin Jun. 25, 2015
Arizona AG: Charter School Budget May Be Different Than Original Estimate Alexandra Olgin Jun. 24, 2015
Phoenix Store No Longer Selling Confederate Flags Alexandra Olgin Jun. 23, 2015
Arizona Will Have To Comply With Federal REAL ID Requirements Alexandra Olgin Jun. 22, 2015
3 More Administrators Leave Arizona State Hospital Alexandra Olgin Jun. 22, 2015
Arizona Unemployment Rate Continues To Decline Alexandra Olgin Jun. 18, 2015
Glendale Asks Court To Skip $3.75 Million Payment To Coyotes Alexandra Olgin Jun. 18, 2015
Local Business Owners Worry About Glendale's Conflict With Arizona Coyotes Alexandra Olgin Jun. 16, 2015
Glendale City Council To Hold Closed Meeting To Discuss Arizona Coyotes Contract Alexandra Olgin Jun. 15, 2015
Judge Grants Restraining Order In Arizona Coyotes Lease Dispute With Glendale Alexandra Olgin, Associated Press Jun. 12, 2015
Glendale Votes To Cancel Lease Agreement With Arizona Coyotes Alexandra Olgin Jun. 10, 2015
California Recycling Company Sues Arizona Can Collector Alexandra Olgin Jun. 9, 2015
Advocacy Groups Call For A Stop To Building Private Prisons In Arizona Alexandra Olgin Jun. 9, 2015
Cities Want To Change How Often Population Counts Are Updated Alexandra Olgin Jun. 2, 2015