Title Author Publication Date
State House Preliminarily Approves Naloxone Bill Alexandra Olgin February 27, 2015
State Budget Woes Could Prevent Arizona From Offering Free Community College Alexandra Olgin January 12, 2015
Standards Organization Requires Third-Party Certification For Football Helmets Alexandra Olgin January 16, 2015
St. Mary's Food Bank Low On Dairy After Power Outage Alexandra Olgin September 07, 2015
Southwest Employees Picket In Phoenix Alexandra Olgin February 20, 2014
South Mountain Neighborhoods Deal With Damage From Tuesday's Storm Alexandra Olgin August 16, 2014
Sonora Quest Labs Open Testing Centers In Arizona Safeway Stores Alexandra Olgin November 24, 2015
Social Work Association Calls For New Leadership At Arizona DCS Alexandra Olgin January 13, 2016
Social Host Ordinance Gets First Approval From Chandler City Council Alexandra Olgin May 29, 2015
Six Valley Municipalities To Do Mid-Decade Census Alexandra Olgin March 19, 2015
Shooting At LAX Leaves Passengers Stranded At Sky Harbor Airport Alexandra Olgin November 01, 2013
Shinseki Testifies About State Of VA Health Care Alexandra Olgin May 15, 2014
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Bid To Disqualify Judge Murray Snow From Profiling Case Associated Press September 15, 2015
Shanesha Taylor Spends Donated Money Alexandra Olgin November 19, 2014
Shanesha Taylor Asks To Renegotiate Settlement Alexandra Olgin October 27, 2014
Several Law Enforcement Bills Introduced Into State Legislature Alexandra Olgin January 22, 2015
Seven Valley Cities And Towns Start Special Census Alexandra Olgin October 01, 2015
Senior Urban Housing Development Opens In Mesa Alexandra Olgin December 12, 2013
Senate President Calls For Another Audit Of First Things First Alexandra Olgin October 08, 2015
Sedona Votes To Apply For Dark Sky Designation September 11, 2013
Secretary Of State Candidates Debate Dual Track Voting Alexandra Olgin October 07, 2014
Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel Resigns Alexandra Olgin November 24, 2014
Second ACA Enrollment Shaped From Lessons Learned In First Enrollment Period Alexandra Olgin November 10, 2014
SCOTUS Rules Arizona Execution Can Proceed Alexandra Olgin July 22, 2014
Scottsdale Police Cite Pay Problems As Cause Of High Turnover Alexandra Olgin February 18, 2015