Title Author Publication Date
All Of Arizona Designated A Natural Disaster Drought Area Alexandra Olgin March 07, 2014
Alternative Boy Scout Organization Is Growing In Arizona Alexandra Olgin January 04, 2014
Amid Low Morale And High Turnover, Casa Grande Police Chief Resigns Alexandra Olgin November 20, 2014
Andy Tobin Wins Primary For 1st Congressional District Alexandra Olgin September 02, 2014
Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped Against Gilbert Kennel Owners Alexandra Olgin December 22, 2014
Annual Geminid Meteor Shower Will Light Up The Skies Alexandra Olgin December 11, 2013
Apache Junction Loses Fifth School Override Vote In 8 Years Alexandra Olgin November 04, 2015
Apache Junction Schools Go To A Four Day Week Alexandra Olgin March 04, 2015
Arizona AG: Charter School Budget May Be Different Than Original Estimate Alexandra Olgin June 24, 2015
Arizona Among States With Lowest Rate Of Cardiovascular Deaths Alexandra Olgin December 14, 2015
Arizona Appeals Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings On Paternity Laws Alexandra Olgin November 30, 2015
Arizona Association Wants More Athletic Trainers At High School Games Alexandra Olgin February 12, 2014
Arizona Athletes Now Allowed to Wear Helmet Sensors Alexandra Olgin January 29, 2014
Arizona Attorney General Appeals Drivers License Ruling Alexandra Olgin February 20, 2015
Arizona Attorney General Candidates Debate Qualifications Alexandra Olgin October 01, 2014
Arizona Awarded Criminal Justice Grants Alexandra Olgin September 07, 2015
Arizona Board Of Education Confirms New Executive Director Alexandra Olgin November 03, 2015
Arizona Budget Committee Gives Child Safety Report Unfavorable Review Alexandra Olgin December 15, 2015
Arizona Chief Justice Pushes To Make Civil Litigation More Affordable, Efficient Alexandra Olgin December 23, 2015
Arizona Child Welfare System Struggling To Retain Caseworkers Alexandra Olgin February 17, 2016
Arizona Cities Working On Special Legislation To Use State Population Data For Shared Money Alexandra Olgin April 24, 2015
Arizona Clean Elections Commission Clarifies What It Considers A Political Committee Alexandra Olgin October 30, 2015
Arizona Clean Elections Panel Advances New 'Dark-Money' Spending Rules Alexandra Olgin May 14, 2015
Arizona Company Ordered To Pay $32 Million To California Alexandra Olgin August 18, 2014
Arizona Congressional Delegation Asks For Grand Canyon Refund Alexandra Olgin November 13, 2013