Title Author Publication Date
Arizona Supreme Court Hears Case About State Liability For Roadway Accidents Alexandra Olgin December 09, 2014
$400,000 Of Snow Fencing Stolen From Arizona Department Of Transportation Alexandra Olgin December 22, 2014
'Desert Sea' Exhibit Opens in Southern Arizona Alexandra Olgin March 10, 2014
'Guns Save Lives' Ads Go Back Up Alexandra Olgin August 14, 2014
1,000 New People Register To Vote In Maricopa County Alexandra Olgin July 29, 2014
2015 Trail Plan Details Maintenance Goals For Arizona Parks Alexandra Olgin October 28, 2014
3 More Administrators Leave Arizona State Hospital Alexandra Olgin June 22, 2015
4 Arizona Properties Quarantined Because Of Bird Flu Concerns Associated Press June 11, 2015
5 Dead In North Phoenix Home Alexandra Olgin April 16, 2015
5 Private Prison Companies Interested In Kingman Facility Alexandra Olgin September 08, 2015
A Beer Can In Arizona Leaves The State To Be Recycled Alexandra Olgin May 08, 2014
A New Bill Would Expand First Reponders Access To Naloxone Alexandra Olgin February 02, 2015
Abortion Reversal Information Added To Arizona Health Services Website Alexandra Olgin September 15, 2015
Academic Review Finds Abortion Reversal Study Incomplete Alexandra Olgin July 15, 2015
ACLU Challenges Revenge Porn Law Alexandra Olgin September 23, 2014
Activists Take Private Prison Issue To The Public Alexandra Olgin September 30, 2015
Activists Urge Arizona Governor To Cancel Private Prison Expansion Alexandra Olgin July 20, 2015
ADOT Reports Increase In Motor-Vehicle Crash Fatalities KJZZ News February 22, 2016
ADOT Requests Waiver From Requirements Of Real ID Act Alexandra Olgin April 30, 2015
Advocacy Groups Call For A Stop To Building Private Prisons In Arizona Alexandra Olgin June 09, 2015
Advocacy Groups Push People To Get Health Insurance In Last Week Of Open Enrollment Alexandra Olgin February 09, 2015
Advocates Fear Strict Voter ID Laws Will Reduce Turnout Alexandra Olgin June 27, 2014
Advocates Take Legal Action To Halt Horse Round Up Alexandra Olgin August 05, 2015
Aftershocks Continue In Eastern Arizona Alexandra Olgin July 11, 2014
AG Dismisses Complaint Against Arizona Department of Education Employee Alexandra Olgin September 22, 2015