Title Author Publication Date
Pilots Union Files Lawsuit Over Merger With American Airlines Steve Shadley March 05, 2014
Southern Arizona Hotshot Fire Crew To Be Disbanded Steve Shadley March 04, 2014
Arizona House Approves Bill That Limits Spending For Some Ballot Measures Steve Shadley March 03, 2014
Measure Would Allow Loggers To Thin Trees On State Lands Steve Shadley February 28, 2014
Lawmakers Consider Bill That Would Allow Armed Teachers On Campus Steve Shadley February 28, 2014
Arizona Chihuahuas Take A Road Trip Steve Shadley February 25, 2014
MCCCD Considers Tuition And Fee Increase Steve Shadley February 25, 2014
New Arizona Child Welfare Agency Director Vows To Fix The System Steve Shadley February 24, 2014
Arizona Golf Courses Benefit From Early Warm Weather Steve Shadley February 24, 2014
Are Arizona Colleges, Universities Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks? Steve Shadley February 20, 2014
Admission Fees Charged For Some Arizona Mayors' State Of City Speeches Steve Shadley February 19, 2014
Tucson Unified School District Consultant Contract Scrutinized Steve Shadley February 18, 2014
Mexico City Leaders Consider Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Steve Shadley February 17, 2014
Obama Administration Allows Banks To Accept Deposits From Marijuana Vendors Steve Shadley February 14, 2014
Glendale Police Working On Security Strategy For Super Bowl 49 Steve Shadley February 14, 2014
Some Sky Harbor Flights Grounded Because Of East Coast Snow Steve Shadley February 13, 2014
Maryvale Copes With Packs Of Stray Dogs Steve Shadley February 13, 2014
Grand Canyon Resorts Ready To Hire Hundreds Of Seasonal Employees Steve Shadley February 11, 2014
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Make An Effort To Curb Noise Steve Shadley January 01, 2014
Petrified Forest National Park Adds Thousands Of Acres Steve Shadley December 30, 2013
Rural-Metro Agrees To Settlement Over Alleged False Medicare Bills Steve Shadley December 26, 2013
Arizona Ski Resorts Set To Open Over Holiday Weekend Steve Shadley November 28, 2013
Court Ruling Paves Way For Sun City's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Steve Shadley November 26, 2013
Army Corps Of Engineers Finds Unexploded Bombs At Arizona Wildlife Refuge Steve Shadley November 08, 2013
APS Opens New Solar Plant Near Gila Bend Steve Shadley November 06, 2013