Title Author Publication Date
Flake, McCain Introduce VA Reform Bill Steve Shadley June 03, 2014
Former Congressman Renzi's Request For New Trial Denied Steve Shadley October 25, 2013
Former Congressman Rick Renzi Sentenced On Federal Convictions Steve Shadley October 28, 2013
Former state lawmaker selected to promote Obama Health Care Act May 07, 2013
Four Arizona Airport Traffic Control Towers on FAA Closure List March 07, 2013
Fundraiser Underway To Buy Colorado River Water For Mexico Wetlands September 07, 2013
Furloughed Civilian Workers Ordered Back To The Job At Arizona Military Bases October 07, 2013
Glendale City Council Set To Vote On Sales Tax Extension Steve Shadley June 16, 2014
Glendale Launches 'Warrant Wipeout' Program Steve Shadley June 10, 2014
Glendale Police Working On Security Strategy For Super Bowl 49 Steve Shadley February 14, 2014
Glendale's Warrant Wipe Out Sees Small Turnout Steve Shadley June 17, 2014
Gold Nugget Stolen From U Of A Science Museum Steve Shadley June 04, 2014
GOP Congress members introduce bill allowing states to verify a voter's citizenship status June 18, 2013
Gov. Brewer Appoints New Adjutant General Of Arizona National Guard August 28, 2013
Gov. Brewer signs Medicaid expansion bill June 17, 2013
Gov. Brewer's Medicaid expansion bill fails to make it out of House committee June 10, 2013
Gov. Brewer's Office Says State Revenues Are Higher Than Expected September 16, 2013
Governor Brewer and Republican lawmakers continue to spar over Medicaid expansion proposal April 25, 2013
Governor Brewer's Medicaid expansion proposal remains stalled in the Arizona House June 03, 2013
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Make An Effort To Curb Noise Steve Shadley January 01, 2014
Grand Canyon National Park Officials Say Temporary Vendor Contract Necessary Steve Shadley November 03, 2014
Grand Canyon Railway to fuel train with recycled vegetable oil on Earth Day April 22, 2013
Grand Canyon Resorts Ready To Hire Hundreds Of Seasonal Employees Steve Shadley February 11, 2014
Grand Canyon University Wants To Revert To Nonprofit Status Steve Shadley October 29, 2014
Guantanamo Bay Exhibit Opens At Phoenix Public Library Steve Shadley October 18, 2013