Heather van Blokland joins KJZZ as a Host/Producer, having worked as an on-air Host/Producer at Oregon Public Broadcasting, Florida NPR affiliate WUFT-FM, and WYKS-FM. Prior to public media, van Blokland worked in the private sector as a financial analyst and team manager in commercial and investment banking.

van Blokland holds a Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Florida, where she worked as the local producer/editor for StoryCorps and as an agriculture and business news reporter. She also holds Bachelors degrees in Finance, Marketing and Multinational Business from Florida State University and a Diploma in Acting for Film and Television from Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In her free time, van Blokland enjoys exploring the outdoors, everything from a hike on South Mountain to Vancouver's Butchart Gardens to a ride through Swaziland’s Mkhaya Game Reserve.

You can contact van Blokland at hvanblokland@kjzz.org.

Title Author Publication Date
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