Jude Joffe-Block photoKJZZ Senior Field Correspondent Jude Joffe-Block got hooked on radio while working as an assitant to a radio reporter in Mexico, and has been happiest wearing headphones and pointing microphones ever since.

Joffe-Block began serving KJZZ in October 2010 as a Fronteras: Changing America Senior Field Correspondent based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. She joined the Phoenix newsroom in July 2012.

Before joining the Fronteras Desk, she contributed stories on immigration and criminal justice to KALW in San Francisco and multimedia content in both Spanish and English to The Associated Press in Mexico.

She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and Yale University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico.

Contact Jude Joffe-Block at 480-774-8238 or jblock@rioradio.org.


Title Author Publication Date
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lawyer Argues Against Criminal Contempt Jude Joffe-Block July 22, 2016
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Attorney General: Phoenix Police A Model For Training Jude Joffe-Block June 28, 2016
The Costs Behind A Migrant Crisis: Thousands Of Child Migrants Go Unrepresented In Immigration Court Jude Joffe-Block June 09, 2016
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Judge Weighs Remedies For Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Contempt Jude Joffe-Block May 31, 2016
Judge To Decide Consequences For Contempt Ruling Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jude Joffe-Block May 30, 2016
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Agrees To Cede Some Authority After Contempt Finding Jude Joffe-Block May 27, 2016
10 Key Findings From The Civil Contempt Ruling Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jude Joffe-Block May 20, 2016
Judge Rejects Arpaio’s Request For Contempt Response Extension Jude Joffe-Block May 19, 2016
Arpaio Wants More Time To Respond To Contempt Ruling Jude Joffe-Block May 19, 2016
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Found In Contempt Of Court In Racial Profiling Case Associated Press May 13, 2016
Donald Trump May Complicate Sen. John McCain's Reelection Race Jude Joffe-Block May 06, 2016
McCain Continues Vow To Support Trump Jude Joffe-Block May 05, 2016
Federal Court Could Pave Way For More Worksite Raids By Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jude Joffe-Block May 03, 2016
Appeals Court Hands Arpaio A Victory On ID Theft Laws Jude Joffe-Block May 02, 2016