Title Author Publication Date
Glendale Drops Opposition To Tribal Casino Al Macias July 15, 2014
Glendale fireworks ban takes effect May 25, 2012
Glendale officials looking to fill budget hole left by hockey April 16, 2012
Glendale sales tax issue will be on the ballot September 05, 2012
Glendale seeking reprieve from NHL for cost of Coyotes April 06, 2012
Glendale Votes To Extend A Sales Tax Indefinitely Al Macias June 23, 2014
Glendale's Financial Outlook Improving Al Macias September 30, 2014
Going to work on Mars time August 24, 2012
Golfers Now Banned From Throwing Items To Fans At Phoenix Open Al Macias January 13, 2015
Google Fiber Still May Consider Coming To Phoenix Al Macias January 27, 2015
GOP-led committee holds hearing on driver's licenses for DACA immigrants February 14, 2013
Gosar: Immigration Reform Not A Priority Al Macias October 17, 2013
Gov. Brewer Appeals To Block Court Order To Grant Driver's Licences To Young Immigrants Al Macias December 11, 2014
Governor's sales tax proposal may not add up February 11, 2013
Grand Canyon National Park Will Open Saturday October 13, 2013
Grand Canyon University Announces New Mesa Campus July 31, 2013
Ground-Breaking Ceremony For ASU Law School Set For Nov. 13 Al Macias November 05, 2014
Groups target the Latino vote through environmental issues April 02, 2012
Halfway Fire contained June 20, 2013
Head Of Homeland Security To Visit Nogales Wednesday Al Macias June 24, 2014
Health district starting to explore hospital funding August 22, 2012
Heard Museum Director Steps Down Al Macias January 06, 2015
Hearing Scheduled For Phoenix VA Al Macias September 17, 2014
Hearing Set For Man Convicted Of Negligent Homicide In Sweat Lodge Deaths Al Macias January 30, 2017
Hickman approved to Board of Supervisors seat March 21, 2013