Title Author Publication Date
Arizona attorney general facing civil charges for campaign violations October 01, 2012
With the paper mill gone, what's next for Snowflake? September 24, 2012
Snowflake paper mill closure will cost hundreds of jobs Associated Press September 21, 2012
Phoenix lags in household income, health insurance, preschool attendance September 20, 2012
Upper Iowa University fifth school to commit to Mesa September 13, 2012
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox in town September 13, 2012
Attorneys for leaders in FLDS case want trial moved September 11, 2012
Community college enrollment down September 11, 2012
Recount underway in Congressional District 4 primary September 10, 2012
Senator Kyl to begin final Congressional session Monday September 10, 2012
Glendale sales tax issue will be on the ballot September 05, 2012
Valley's homebuilding industry showing signs of life September 03, 2012
Campaign finance becomes immediate issue between Carmona, Flake August 28, 2012
Going to work on Mars time August 24, 2012
Too much rain could actually be a problem August 23, 2012
Health district starting to explore hospital funding August 22, 2012
Maricopa Medical Center maxed out on space August 21, 2012
Honeywell shows off new airline radar system August 18, 2012
Kitt Peak Observatory could face funding cuts August 17, 2012
Intel building new Chandler plant August 14, 2012
Record power consumption matches record temperatures August 14, 2012
Seven fires burning in Tonto Forest as of Friday August 10, 2012
Rate of early voting causes reduction in polling places August 10, 2012
Power plant changes could strain Navajo Nation budget August 10, 2012
Airline performance up on schedules, baggage August 09, 2012