Title Author Publication Date
UA Classmates Monitor Attendance Of Student Athletes Mark Brodie December 04, 2014
UA Anthropology Professor Finds Clues On Demise Of Mayans Mark Brodie February 03, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California Ban On Conversion Therapy Steve Goldstein May 03, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court denies Arizona stay on voter registration issue June 28, 2012
U.S. Senate panel takes up SB 1070 April 23, 2012
U.S. Senate confirms Leonardo as new U.S. Attorney for Arizona June 29, 2012
U.S. House approves bill to block Glendale casino June 19, 2012
U.S. Census Bureau To Conduct Data Collection Test In Maricopa County Mark Brodie December 04, 2014
U of A Medical Surgeon Works To Speed Up Organ Transplantation Process Mark Brodie January 31, 2014
Tyson Foods To Stop Using Antibiotics In Its Chickens Mark Brodie March 01, 2017
Two Valley health care systems to start working together April 20, 2013
Two men cooperating in Tucson cactus vandalism case May 29, 2013
Two Arizona counties may have found the future of Election Day November 16, 2012
Two Arizona Congressional Districts Could Be Decided By Young Voters Mark Brodie August 01, 2014
Turning Downed Arizona Trees Into Furniture Mark Brodie January 14, 2016
Tucson-Based Space Balloon Company Wins NASA Contracts Mark Brodie August 25, 2016
Tucson-Based Program Aims To Preserve Crops, Culture Behind Seeds Mark Brodie January 03, 2017
Tucson, University Of Arizona In Dispute Over Off-Campus Dorm Proposal Mark Brodie May 26, 2017
Tucson's Sunshine Mile Named One Of Most Endangered Historic Places In US Mark Brodie October 06, 2016
Tucson's Holocaust History Center Re-Opens Mark Brodie February 23, 2016
Tucson Woman Rides Horse Across Mongolia In Mongol Derby Mark Brodie August 27, 2015
Tucson Wins International Gastronomical Recognition Mark Brodie January 28, 2016
Tucson Voters to Decide Sales-Tax Increase Mark Brodie December 22, 2016
Tucson Trying To Increase Home Ownership Around University Of Arizona Campus Mark Brodie May 31, 2016
Tucson Solar Program Installs Panels In Exchange For Fixed-Rate Power Bill Mark Brodie October 22, 2015