Title Author Publication Date
Utah National Park May Start Requiring Reservations Mark Brodie August 01, 2017
Using Turtles For Robot Inspiration Mark Brodie June 01, 2017
Using Technology To Catch Archaeological Vandals Mark Brodie March 17, 2016
Using Harvey, Irma As Opportunities To Build More Resilient Cities Mark Brodie September 12, 2017
US Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Arizona's Legislative Districts Mark Brodie December 08, 2015
US Supreme Court Hears Arizona Case On Military Benefits, Divorce Mark Brodie April 05, 2017
US Supreme Court Delays Decision On Sports Betting Mark Brodie January 18, 2017
US Senate Bill Would Stop Export Of Native American Artifacts Mark Brodie August 30, 2016
US Military Working On Environmental Sustainability Mark Brodie November 10, 2016
US Justice Department to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio May 09, 2012
US Education Secretary To Tour Southwest August 19, 2013
US Census Bureau Director: More than Half Of Responses In 2020 Could Be Online Mark Brodie November 18, 2016
Unlocking The Valley's Entrepreneurial Potential Mark Brodie June 10, 2016
University of Arizona to study effects of biodiesel-blend fuels October 13, 2012
University Of Arizona To Offer Undergraduate Law Degree Mark Brodie May 09, 2014
University of Arizona To Expand Internationally — With Microcampuses Mark Brodie May 31, 2017
University Of Arizona Researcher Works To Automate Parts Of Some Surgeries Mark Brodie May 24, 2016
University Of Arizona Research Shows Protein Could Help Treat Asthma Mark Brodie January 26, 2016
University Of Arizona Ramps Up Efforts To Commercialize Inventions February 16, 2016
University Of Arizona Opens New Mining Law School Mark Brodie September 01, 2015
University of Arizona Med School To Work With Counterparts In Liberia Mark Brodie October 27, 2016
University of Arizona Hosts Warrior-Scholar Boot Camp Mark Brodie August 18, 2016
University Of Arizona Helps Create One-Stop Shop For Human Rights Issues Mark Brodie January 19, 2016
University Of Arizona Grads Look Into Generation Z Going To College Mark Brodie February 04, 2016
University Of Arizona Expert: Rise In Global Terrorism Has Roots In End Of Cold War Mark Brodie November 20, 2015